Unique colour methods, unobstructed forms and specially developed acrylic embedment techniques.

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Since 1982, midton has produced world-class acrylic products for a huge variety of industries. We cast our acrylics from the highest quailty raw materials and are constantly developing our processes as we hone our craft.

Check out our acrylic workshop if you’d like to find out more about our acrylic casting process, and our iterative acrylic design and engineering process.

If you’d like to know if we can help you with a specific acrylic design, look through the various acrylic sub-categories below.



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Acrylic is prized for its optical clarity and tactile quality but its true beauty lies in its adaptibility and the opportunity that presents. Acrylic can be so many things to so many people and that makes it all the more exciting to work with.

We are incredibly proud of the work we create with our clients and love to show them off when we can.  For quick fix inspiration and a wide variety of projects check out our acrylics portfolio

For a more indepth insight into key projects and how we work with our clients to find solutions check out our case studies. Through the links below and in our archive you will find case studies that cover everything from awards design, luxury packaging, product displays and light installations.

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We have a workshop where technology meets craft. The latest precision engineering and chemistry combined perfectly with an artists approach to experimentation and ingenuity in making.