cast acrylic embedment

casting objects inside acrylic for prominence and posterity

what is acrylic embedment?

Acrylic embedment or encapsulation is the process of permanently encasing objects inside acrylic. Preservation of a meaningful object (such as a brand memorabilia) is one of the reasons why our clients want to use acrylic embedment. However, the process is also an alternative way to display items — giving a physical object immediate decorative function in a unique and exciting way. 

how is acrylic embedment achieved?

Acrylic embedment requires a long history of technical expertise experimentation, and you may also be interested to read about midton’s acrylic workshop if the technical side of things interests you. Each component can be so different and varied in how it will react to the acrylic embedment process. Objects to be embedded are examined and evaluated for suitability. Once approved, the item is placed within the acrylic mix, poured up and then set in the ovens.

acrylic embedment possibilities

So far, it seems that anything is possible when we are willing to experiment! We have successfully encapsulated more diverse objects than any other company. Exploration, development, and uniqueness are key to midton’s entire brand ethos. We want to explore and expand the opportunities of embedment and to share this journey with our clients. If you’d like to find out more about acrylic embedment possibilities for your company, please feel free to get in touch.

our acrylic embedment services
  • organic

    feathers, leaves, flowers or other natural items

  • metal artefacts

    cogs, coins and many more

  • print

    text and graphics inside acrylic

  • other...

    there are far more possibilities

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