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high precision achieved with the latest machinery and attention to detail

designing acrylic products for the engineering industry

Engineered acrylic objects must meet stringent tolerances and demands in unique circumstances. It’s the unique needs and specificity of our engineering clients that drives many of our biggest technological innovations. 


When "just about" or “roughly” isn’t enough, come to us for highly accurate acrylic products and practical, problem-solving advice to help you provide functional acrylic objects for your projects. You might also like to check out our broader acrylics category to see what else we can do for you.

the accuracy and fidelity of our bespoke acrylic engineering processes

With close to four decades in the industry, we’ve accumulated an incredibly accomplished staff of designers and engineers. Whether you are creating a component which must fit perfectly with others across a product run or an optical lens where surface and angular accuracy are paramount. We can do it.


If you’re looking for acrylic designs that are a little more ornate and do not require functional elements, you should take a look at our recognitions and brand tools services. 

dedicated acrylic engineering shops

We take the integrity and functionality of our acrylic engineering products very seriously. We have invested in both the machinery and expertise to meet the challenge of any new engineering client who needs us to design and create bespoke objects and components for them. 


We combine this with our casting and finishing to bring the engineering reliability our customers need when creating unique products. Check out our acrylics case studies to learn more about the incredible objects we design and manufacture for our clients. 

what acrylic designs are possible within our engineering department?

The quick answer is: almost everything. Whatever the application, if you choose acrylic as the material we can help you realise the design.


We collaborate with you to create a finished product. Our engineering products regularly exceed our clients' demands and repeat custom is extremely common.


With absolute quality control and attention to your needs, we ensure that you get the perfect product each time, no matter how large or small your order. If you’d like to know more, please contact us today. 


a selection of our engineering capabilities


  • turning

    CNC and manual lathe work from threads to spheres

  • cnc

    precise multi axis CNC from 3D CAD

  • milling

    precision milling of cast acrylic stock

  • assembly

    complete products and subassemblies completed in house

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