acrylic shape and form

moulded, machined and sculpted form effects.

the shapes and forms of our acrylic designs


Here at midton, we can create complex, multifaceted, organic, flowing forms. These unique objects go on to fulfil some truly unique applications, spread across our range of acrylic embedment, recognitions, and brand tool services.


Acrylic can be far more than a simple cuboid or sheet assembly.

the optical properties of acrylic

The outstanding optical properties of acrylic (PMMA) really come into their own when you artisticly play with the form. 

Refraction and Reflection combine to create mesmerising visual effects you can hold or observe from afar.

experimentation and iteration here at midton

We combine our history in manual making methods with bleeding-edge experimentation and iteration.


Machining and moulding from organic CAD designs with unique split methods has become one of the main ways we create the incredible acrylic objects our clients ask of us.

the endless forms and effects when working with acrylic

Through collaborations with clients, we have consistently challenged the limits of what we thought was possible. So much of this, we think, has come from our drive to innovate, but it is also due to the unique properties of acrylic. Take a look at our acrylic casting case studies if you’d like to get a taste of what we can do. 


Complexity at variable volumes, combining form with embedment, physical parementers outside our capabilites. We have done it all.


What can we do for you? Get in touch if you’d like to talk to one of our expert acrylic engineers. 

possible finishes

  • texture

    tactile, visual and lensing effects achieved through surface manipulation

  • organic

    fluid natural forms created with cutting edge CAD and time honed moulding techniques

  • prismatic

    direct light with faceted forms to create mesmerising experiences

  • lense

    create precision forms which direct light as part of an architectural feature

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