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keep your brand top of mind for customers - current and future - with a physical brand presence

what is physical marketing?

Physical marketing is what you need it to be. It can be physical collateral, point-of-sale pieces, and advertising displays that support your campaign. It’s really just any physical object that makes an impact on your customers. Check out our physical marketing case studies for a few more specific examples. 

why invest in our acrylic physical marketing services?

We could write countless articles about the benefits of physical marketing, but we’ll try to give a few more concise reasons why you should invest in physical marketing. Reinforce and solidify your campaign message by making it real, three-dimensional, tactile and impactful. People respect and aspire to brands that go beyond digital to create experiences which are visceral, tactile, and unforgettable. There is an unmistakable quality to all of our acrylic products and you can incorporate this quality into your own brand’s marketing campaigns. 

how does our physical marketing service work?

Here at midton, we work with you to understand deeply the effort and sentiment behind your campaign so we can design and craft a physical experience which not only matches but empowers that message. As an adjacent product, you may also be interested in our acrylic brand memorabilia products. Give your customers a little piece of your brand to keep.

the possibilities and utilities of physical marketing

If you’d like to fully understand the possibilities and utilities of physical marketing, you may like to keep an eye on our blog as we try to write insightful articles across a variety of relevant topics (as and when we have time). Whether it is a short run of pieces for your select key prospects or a mass scale production we can support your ambition, so please get in touch if you’d like to work with us!

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