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acrylic brand memorabilia

help your audience own a piece of the brand they believe in

what is brand memorabilia?

Brand memorabilia is anything physical that allows your customers to own a totem of your brand — a piece of your product which your devoted customer can own. Of course, your products themselves could be seen as memorabilia, but if you sell a more abstract service or an exclusive, or inaccessible product, brand memorabilia can be a way for customers to own something specific to your brand. The effects and psychology behind it are similar enough to our acrylic display products.

why invest in acrylic brand memorabilia?

For luxury brands, building a devoted and delighted following with on brand merchandise allows you to both sell at a different price point and facilitate promoters of your brand. You give customers something solid that connects them to your brand, and the memorabilia aspect of it can be special enough to ensure that your customer remains loyal for life. If this topic interests you, you will probably also appreciate our acrylic designs for product launches.

how does it work?

When your brand carries the prestige it does, turning your offcuts, your seconds, your player-used apparel into a product is what we do. Working with you to create new value for a new audience. Take a look at our case studies to get a better idea of how other brands have taken advantage of our brand memorabilia services. 

the possibilities of creating brand memorabilia experiences

World-renowned prestigious brands, football clubs, Formula 1 teams, etc, have all benefited from midton’s excellent brand memorabilia services. We take care of everything: from concept design to delivery to you. However, if you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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