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A can of Tennents lager encapsulated in clear acrylic with etched lettering on the back

Bespoke Products for Physical Marketing

Enhance your brand, create a unique experience

Here at Midton, we work with you to design and manufacture objects which promote your brand at any scale, in any setting. The array of materials, skills and technologies on site ensure we can provide the partnership you require to development and produce high-end promotional products.

At Midton we understand creating a physical product that represents you and your brand can feel like a daunting task. Whether it's the first time or the tenth time, whether it's point-of-sale pieces or limited release luxury packaging. We want to understand the sentiment behind your campaign so we can help you design and craft a physical experience which not only matches but empowers that message.

Our approach is fluid in nature and we can start the journey from an initial idea, a theme, a hand drawn sketch or full CAD drawings ready for manufacture - Our experienced team guides you through the creation process at each stage.

Browse our case studies to discover some of our favourite projects or click hear or discover more about our service.


Case Studies

Explore how we have helped clients craft their designs into reality.


When COVID-19 hit the UK in 2020, Midton, like most businesses, faced a challenging time.

Ebb and Flow
Ebb and Flow

Light sculpture by Haberdashery: flowing water, captured in time

Christopher Kane
Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s projects tapped into one of midton’s key areas of expertise....

The Quest
The Quest

By Marshmallow Laser Feast: a permanent exhibit for Hennessy in...

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Commemorative Gifts and Memorabilia

Help your audience own a piece of the brand they believe in

What is brand memorabilia?

Brand memorabilia is anything physical that allows your customers to own a totem of your brand — a piece of your product which your devoted customer can own. Of course, your products themselves could be seen as memorabilia, but if you sell a more abstract service or an exclusive, or inaccessible product, brand memorabilia can be a way for customers to own something specific to your brand. The effects and psychology behind it are similar enough to our acrylic display products.

How does it work?

When your brand carries the prestige it does, turning your offcuts, your seconds, your player-used apparel into a product is what we do. Working with you to create new value for a new audience. Take a look at our case studies to get a better idea of how other brands have taken advantage of our branded corporate gifts services.

Product Launch and Event Gifting

Acrylic designs for product launches

What kinds of acrylic designs are used for product launches?

Displays, installations, giveaways and beyond… It’s difficult to give a concise answer to this question as so many different things could be used to help launch a successful product. The designs and products made in this range are all extensions of the broader brand tools remit, but they have a unique function too…

How we work

We work with you to design, develop, and deliver physical marketing collateral that can elevate your product in front of an audience or in the mind of a passer-by. We listen to our clients and can bring our significant experience to the table if our clients aren’t sure what they want from their product launch designs.

Product Display and Presentation Packaging

What are acrylic product displays?

The answer to this question could take a while and it could extend to any point-of-sale designs and objects. However, it’s perhaps simplest to consider product displays as in-store experiences to support your product and message. They are also often ultra-luxury packaging to enrich the customers first and ongoing reverence for their purchase. This is physical marketing at its purest.

Why invest in acrylic product displays and bespoke packaging?

Bespoke product display and packaging are the customers’ first interaction with your physical brand. The right interaction at the point of sale can make a huge difference to your overall sales — especially with respect to whether customers are impressed enough with your brand to return. Point-of-sale displays set the stage for how your products are perceived. If this side of acrylic design interests you, you may also be interested in our physical marketing tools and memorabilia tools.

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