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05 Sep 2022

An Interview with Scammadale Farm

An Interview with Scammadale Farm

Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated Sep 2022 –

“From the Scottish farmer, to the Scottish manufacturer, and out to you…”

Based in a rural town on the west coast of Scotland, here at Midton, we’re passionate about supporting our local community. 

Recently, after connecting with local farmers, we were disappointed to hear the shockingly low prices offered to farmers for their livestock’s wool. We put our heads together, knowing there must be a more viable solution.  

Here at Midton, we love to think outside the box, reusing natural materials through our artistic process. We knew that we could offer farmers a fair price for each fleece, and use this wool in an innovative and exciting way. Using our local connections, we made contact with Scammadale, a local farm, who had fallen victim to the steep drop in wool prices. Talking to Neil, Philip and Shona, we wanted to find out more about the farm’s history. 

An introduction to Scammadale 

Speaking of the history of the farm, Neil explained that the whole glen had originally belonged to the Duke of Argyll, before selling in 1958 to the family. Moving from the Mull of Kintyre in 1948, Neil’s father borrowed the twenty thousand pounds required to buy the twelve hundred acres and 500 ewes, 30 cows, and 500 sheep that came with the farm. 

Neil was born in 1950, staying in a little house down the glen, before moving to Scammadale with the family in 1958. He has been on the farm ever since, for 63 years. As the family grew, more joined the team, with his daughter Shona, and her husband Philip, taking the reins. 

In the past 5 or 6 years, Scammadale farm’s livestock has doubled.

The decline in wool profit 

Neil explained that historically, the biggest cheque that came into the farm was the wool. The 500 sheep up to the end of the 1980s brought in £1,400. Even alongside the sale of 30 calves, the wool still brought in more profit. Today, these calves would bring in £25,000, whereas the return of wool has plummeted down to £120. The last two or three years have gone into freefall. Products are no longer being utilised to their best, with the rise of synthetic fabrics causing farms to suffer. 

Now, the price of each fleece is a mere 40 pence a fleece. But Neil explained that it won’t even be 40 pence this year, in fact, it will be less than that. Some farmers are even hiring people to come out and shear for £1.50 a sheep, making a loss of 90p per sheep. They are massively out of pocket.

A new custom material 

Here at Midton, we have a unique business where we can take an organic component, encapsulate it within acrylic. At the other end, we get a beautiful product. After we heard the farm’s story, we started to experiment with the wool. We were determined to make something that both works, and gains the interest of the design industry.

We take the fleece, in its unwashed, organic state (ensuring our carbon footprint is as low as possible), bring it into Midton, and embed this within our acrylic. So far we’ve had a fantastic initial reception from interior designers, furniture makers, and designers alike. 

We see this product as a desirable, bespoke material, It’s not just off the shelf. We will custom manufacture for you, keeping you in the loop along the way. From the Scottish farmer, to the Scottish manufacturer, and out to you. From here, the material can be used in the likes of paneling and worktops. 

We’re passionate about the whole story of this wool, from its origin, to the material itself, and its end use. There are so many variations possible – every panel is different, giving a unique feel.

Additionally, we want this material to be accessible and affordable. Although a high end, custom material, our prices will not reflect this. The more of this material we are able to sell, the more we can give back. Therefore, cost will be inline with our current pricing to support our local farm.

Keeping this project as local as possible, we always want to support the farms closest to us. Therefore, we will be working with Scammdale throughout the whole process to ensure they receive a fair cost for their fleeces. At Scammadale, their sheep are raised on the hills, only receiving necessary medical treatment. They are a sustainable, and environmentally friendly farm, which is crucial to our team. 

Following our trip to Scammadale farm, our team at the factory have put the work into this project to create a stunning material that is now available for you to purchase. Get in contact with our team today to find out more information.

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    11 Jul 2022

    One Tree Planted: India, picked by Stoane Lighting

    One Tree Planted: India, picked by Stoane Lighting

    Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated July 22 –

    Here at Midton, we pride ourselves on giving our client’s a hands-on approach. From manufacturing, to company culture – we form long standing relationships. This allows us to know more about the people we collaborate with, and share their values with our audience. 

    As part of our tree planting initiative, we have been asking clients to select projects from our tree planting partner, One Tree Planted. For the spring season, we have selected our friends at Stoane Lighting in Edinburgh. 

    Founded in 1995, Stoane Lighting design, manufacture, and maintain lighting equipment from their base in Loanhead. Their award winning products are made to order responsibly and complement both contemporary and heritage spaces. 

    Much like Midton, the team at Stoane Lighting are always designing and innovating with the Circular Economy in mind. Having worked together over the years, the lighting designers were our first clients interested in Remade, our innovative, recycled material. Over the last three years, we have collaborated to design sustainable lighting components, alongside re-thinking many of the team’s outstanding designs. Together we have made fantastic progress in our sustainability journey! Therefore, it made perfect sense for us to ask Stoane Lighting to pick spring’s tree planting project. 

    When speaking to Dave Hollingsbee, Managing Director, about the initiative, he explained: 

    “We are delighted to be asked to nominate a tree planting allocation for our pals at Midton. Like our own company, Midton try hard to walk the walk and not just talk. Meaningful monitoring and quantification of our environmental impacts is essential, eclipsed only by the need to act on that information – now. This is one great way to do that. We applaud their initiative and hope that it inspires more to wake up and rise to the huge challenges that surround us all.” 

    – Dave Hollingsbee, Managing Director

    Stoane Lighting have picked to donate trees in India. This donation will plant 7,917 trees. 

    India’s forests reflect the subcontinent’s great diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. A country full of contrasts, it is recognised as one of the 17 “megadiverse” countries, with around 8% of the world’s flora and fauna residing there. These forests support the livelihoods of almost 275 million people, depending on their resources for food, fuelwood, fodder and other forest products. 

    The work of One Tree Planted in India is primarily focused on planting fruit trees. This mission helps fight hunger, improve local economies, and combat climate change. Each fruit tree planted will equate to at least $10 USD in food and nutrition each year, meaning Midton and Stoane Lighting’s donation will equate to a massive $79,170 worth of food. 

    While the socioeconomic benefits of this effort are undeniable, there are many ecological benefits too. India has some of the world’s worst air quality, creating a massive drain on human health. Trees planted will filter air, trap pollutants, and provide thousands of pounds of breathable oxygen over their lifetimes. 

    Fruit trees currently being planted across India include moringa, papaya, and banana, that will grow quickly, providing food and fruit within 8-10 months of planting. Other species will ultimately provide a steady supply of food and income to small farmers in the long term. 

    We’re thankful for our work with Stoane Lighting, and all our clients, that allows us to plant a fantastic amount of trees a year with our partner, One Tree Planted. To find out more about the organisation, check out their website. 

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      07 Jun 2022

      Why is acrylic a sustainable material?

      Why is acrylic a sustainable material?

      The oxymoron of 'sustainable plastic' - can acrylic be a sustainable material?

      Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated May 22 –


      What is Sustainability?

      In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission gathered and defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 

      Sustainability strives to achieve an equilibrium between consumption and consideration to committing to use less, and more eco-conscious, materials. According to UCLA, the three pillars of sustainable development are economic growth, environmental protection, and social equality. This model can be applied to all elements of life. 

      As we’ve seen, excessive consumption by our planet leads to climate change, various forms of pollution, and a decline in the health of our ecosystems. This is because our current linear economy is no longer viable in creating a sustainable future. With our world’s population expected to peak at 10bn by 2050, it is crucial to remember that the earth’s raw materials are not infinite. 

      Businesses must start engaging in responsible production, ensuring that products and services achieve the maximum life and value a resource can offer. Sustainable manufacturing is not only something that should now be encouraged, but is a moral, environmental, and economic imperative.


      Manufacturing and Sustainability

      For manufacturing, implementing sustainable practices is an ongoing commitment, and undoubtedly presents its challenges. Yet, with over 95% of the world’s goods produced relying on the chemical industry in some way (add link to statistic: https://sdg.iisd.org/news/icca-report-highlights-chemical-industrys-contribution-to-global-economy/), our industry plays a vital role in investigating sustainable solutions. 

      To embrace sustainable development, manufacturing must remain innovative. Here at Midton, we are committed to continuous research and development, keeping up with developments in the latest technologies and products to ensure we are playing our part. This lets us environmentally grow, and also meet the market’s needs. 

      Part of the solution to this global climate emergency is embracing the circular economy, which holds the ultimate goal of designing out waste. This term not only applies to manufacturing, but to life, with the thinking that everything has value, and nothing should be wasted. Thinking simply, a circular economy follows “make, use, remake”, as opposed to “make, use, dispose”. 

      So, the important question, is acrylic aligned with sustainable manufacturing? Can we embrace the circular economy?


      Is Acrylic a Sustainable Material?

      Yes – surprisingly to many, acrylic is a highly sustainable material. 

      PMMA is a versatile, durable, recyclable and therefore sustainable material, and for this reason is key to a range of sustainable solutions. 

      As a material, the unique properties of acrylic enables us to work with less. An obvious example of this is seen in the acrylic’s lightweight, offering the same structural stability of much heavier materials. Because of this, when vehicles use acrylic, it makes them much lighter, meaning a reduction in energy. 

      Commonly used throughout day-to-day life, acrylic offers outstanding chemical stability. This often ensures a service time spreading over decades, which exceeds competitor materials. Compared with other materials with a lesser chemical stability, the footprint of using acrylic over a lifetime is considerably lower. 

      It is no secret that plastics have a notoriously bad reputation for their impact on the environment. However, plastics in fact have a very good environmental profile, with the industry a leader in research and development, and innovation. As a group, plastics make a huge contribution to sustainable development through the likes of recyclability and both energy-saving and energy-recovering options. 

      Where acrylic runs into trouble is the lack of education and facilities surrounding its recycling capabilities. While companies and manufacturers are most commonly keen to recycle their waste plastic, the limited availability of knowledgeable and ethical recycling facilities prevents them from doing so. As a Group 7 plastic, many recycling companies do not have the facilities to recycle acrylics. Due to this, acrylic is one of the least recycled types of plastic – leading to its bad reputation and impact on the environment. 

      The material, however, is highly recyclable. Acrylic can be chipped, melted and extruded into new products. PMMA is also infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again – never losing its properties. 

      At Midton, we identified the gap in recycling and knew we had to change this. We invested in a chipper for our factory, to recycle not only our waste, but also our clients’. This allowed us to develop our innovative material, Remade. Remade is manufactured with upto 70% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. 

      Overall, provided with the right resources and education, acrylic is a hugely sustainable material for you to use. Versatile, customisable, durable, lightweight and recyclable – acrylic is an obvious choice for many bespoke sustainability-focused projects. 

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        27 Apr 2022

        5 Things to Consider when Picking an Award Manufacturer

        5 Things to Consider when Picking an Award Manufacturer

        Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated April 22 –

        Here at Midton, we specialise in bespoke manufacturing for your recognitions. Leading with your branding and budget, our talented team of designers will work with you to conceptualise your ideas or create bespoke solutions. 

        So, you’re looking to celebrate talent? What better way to recognise achievement than with a bespoke recognition! The world of awards manufacturing can be complex, so we’re here to offer 5 things to consider when picking who to work with.

        1. Creativity 

        One of the most important things to consider when picking an awards manufacturer is the team’s creativity. In a world where awards are commonplace, creating an award that stands apart from the crowd is paramount. 

        When working with Midton, we have an in-house design team that will guide you from concept to creation. We offer the full package, from award design, to custom presentation packaging, to celebrate your award the best way possible. 

        Our Sales and Design team will work together with you to understand your needs, taking your branding and representing this through bespoke recognition. We have a sizeable material library to work with, alongside a casting team with over 100 years of experience combined. Alongside this, we strive to offer sustainable design solutions, featuring our recycled acrylic offering, that is up to 70% recycled. 

        2. Quality 

        Following on from creativity is quality – an equally important factor to consider with your manufacturer

        Here at Midton, we cast our acrylic in house, allowing us complete control of your award. This means the entire manufacturing of your award happens in house, in our factory on the west coast of Scotland. From moulding, machining, to despatch – our team is in control. This allows us to keep an eye on the whole process, with QC throughout all our processes. If an award is not up to our satisfaction, we will ensure that it is fixed to rectify this. 

        Additionally, if you choose to use mixed materials within your award, we source the best materials throughout the UK to make sure that anything that comes through our doors is up to the Midton standard. 

        3. Team

        When creating custom awards, you are putting your trust in a team to provide you with the best work and quality possible. Communication is key to ensuring your project runs smoothly.

        As a client, your awards manufacturer should offer continuous communication throughout the process of creating your award. Here at Midton, we will keep you informed throughout the journey. As a small factory, we run a tight knit team, where daily discussions happen across the board, from Sales, all the way to Despatch.

        Fancy a greater insight into the manufacturing process? Where possible, we’ll snap some manufacturing photos for you, to show you your awards journey. 

        4. Timeline 

        When planning your custom award, timelines can be crucial. If you have an event deadline, it is important to let your manufacturer know so this can be built into production. Here at Midton, we specialise in rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing. We aim for a 10 working day production schedule on most awards, making the process as seamless as possible for you. 

        5. Delivery

        A final element to consider when picking an awards manufacturing is their delivery options. Do they deliver globally? Can they offer split shipping? Luckily, at Midton, we offer both solutions. We have clients all across the world, and we aim to deliver to them in the most efficient means possible. We also strive to make your client journey as stress free as possible. Therefore, we offer a split shipping service, meaning your award can arrive directly to your client’s door, without the fuss of multiple deliveries. 

        All things considered, we would argue that Midton is your best option when it comes to custom awards. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out our portfolio of work to help your decision!

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          10 Mar 2022

          One Tree Planted: California, picked by Victor Solomon

          One Tree Planted: California, picked by Victor Solomon

          Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated April 21 –

          It’s time for us to pick another tree planting project! 

          Having made our way around the factory, encouraging our staff to pick projects, moving forward we’ll be letting our clients choose, and telling you a little about them. First up we have artist Victor Solomon, who explores the icons and totems of basketball.

          We started working with Victor in 2021 to manufacture his designs for the Showcase Cup Champions trophy. From this, a collaboration was formed that blended immaculate design and craftsmanship from across the pond. We have gone on to manufacture further projects for Victor, including the All Star MVP trophy. 

          Victor has chosen to plant trees in California – a cause close to his heart. As a Californian local, the designer has seen the devastation that the forest fires have caused across the region. 

          Known for its abundant woodlands, California is home to a whopping 33 million acres of diverse forests that provide recreation, wildlife habitats and jaw-dropping scenery. These regions have faced numerous challenges over recent years, with five years of drought, a large-scale beetle infestation, and the devastation of the 2020 forest fires that consumed close to 3 million acres. This resulted in hundreds of millions of trees needing to be restored. One Tree Planted aims to restore areas affected by wildfires, increase biodiversity to protect freshwater & soil, and boost Californian communities.

          Why plant trees in California?

          • To reduce the impact of wildfires: The State Forest Service now spends over 50% of its budget fighting dires. A decade ago, it was less than 20%. Tree planting will prevent wildfires in California from spreading catastrophically. These young, healthy forests can help suppress future wildfires and reduce the impact of smoke on public health. 
          • To protect water supply: Two-thirds of California’s surface water supply comes from its mountainous forests. By improving the health of these headwater forests will make them more resilient to drought and long-term climate change. 
          • To improve forest resilience: The planting of trees in California will help create young, resilient forests that can absorb and recover from fire, drought, and insect outbreaks. Working with One Tree Planted will help save threatened local tree species such as the Sugar Pine. 

          Hard-working foresters will dedicate time to promote improved vegetation planning and resource management to support these causes. Working with local partners, the survival rate of planting projects across California is anticipated to be 90%, based on previous plantings in surrounding areas. 

          Planting projects will also greatly benefit the surrounding communities. Often after a fire, a barren area can lead to the overall psychology of a community becoming negative. Trees are proven to have a positive impact on both physical and psychological health. Some roads constructed for the planting can be used recreationally for hiking and mountain biking. This aesthetic improvement of the surrounding areas for locals, and a boost for tourism. 

          We’re proud to be working with One Tree Planted to support such a worthwhile cause, picked by Victor Solomon.

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            01 Mar 2022

            Press Release: A collaboration with Dan Heap and Thomas Bowden

            Press Release: A collaboration with Dan Heap and Thomas Bowden

            Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated March 22 –

            Danheap have been working with Midton for several years as manufacturers of their popular ‘Resin Drop’ pendants. After mentioning to Dan in early 2021 that they had developed an innovative new material, using 70% reclaimed waste, he was excited to be involved on a closer level. 

            ‘Remade’ recovers waste acrylic that previously would have potentially ended up in landfill. Instead, Midton is able to take their factory waste, and chip this into varying sized pieces. From there, the chips are mixed with a tint and a small bonding element to form the ‘remade’ material. Using this process, Remade can then be moulded, shaped and machined the same as virgin acrylic. The end material is 70% recycled and 100% recyclable, and can be returned to Midton for recycling at its end of life to begin the cycle again. 

            Having recently collaborated with Thomas Bowden Design on a number of custom projects, Danheap knew their skill set would be an ideal addition to the mix. Here, our dream team was born. The combination of Midton’s manufacturing skills, paired with our design and visualisation abilities, have led us to create some cutting edge, visually stunning products, with this unique material. 

            It’s fair to say that without Zoom and WhatsApp, none of this journey would have been possible. Having only met both Dan and Tom once over a two year period, this is a story of creatives connecting in such turbulent times. 

            A typical concept might be sketched on the back of an envelope with Dan in France, followed by a message to Tom, in the UK. Then, a few video chats later, and a little studio time, it’s sent up to Scotland for consideration. A creative brainstorming session of how to manufacture will follow. A few weeks later, a prototype will arrive in France for live testing. 

            We are proud to announce the launch of our first two products; ‘Featherweight’ and ‘Heavyweight’. These are LED exterior floor wash luminaires and scaled-down versions of our cast concrete fitting, ‘Lightweight’. Featherweight is an opal cast, washing the floor with light, glowing as a precious jewel. Heavyweight is a highly reflective, gloss black, blending into your landscape. 

            We have many more products in the pipeline, and Midton, Dan Heap and Thomas Bowden are enjoying the process. We’re excited to see what 2022 holds for us all. 

            All products are available through www.danheap.com

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              25 Jan 2022

              3 ways to support sustainable manufacturing

              3 ways to support sustainable manufacturing

              Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated January 22 –

              With our world’s population expected to peak at 10bn in 2050, it is important to remember that the earth’s raw materials are not limitless. As businesses, we must start engaging in responsible production that supplies products and services that achieve the maximum life and value a resource can offer. Encouraging sustainable manufacturing is a moral, environmental, and economic imperative. 

              At Midton, we are advocates for sustainability and waste reduction. As a company that uses acrylic as its main material, we are conscious to stay mindful of everything we do and how we can do it better to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. 

              The good news is that embracing sustainable practices is possible for every business. We’ve outlined 3 key factors to consider when purchasing your custom products. 

              1. Use sustainable materials

              When considering your bespoke product, consider asking your manufacturer about their sustainable range. Here at Midton, we have a large material offering, and where possible we ensure this is as eco-conscious as possible. Working with your brief and budget, our design team is on hand to guide you through your options. 

              Over the last few years, we have been developing an innovative new material derived from pre-consumer waste. Remade is our new alternative offering to our virgin acrylic, composed of 100% PMMA, and 65% recycled content. This new offering provides you with a sustainable option with the same properties of virgin acrylic.

              Consumers can be tempted to shy away from sustainable options when hearing of a higher price point. At Midton, we are proud to offer our recycled material, Remade, at an equal price point, however, the same can not be said for larger corporations. Yet, it is important to note that often this is partially owed to the element of supply and demand. The more businesses who invest in sustainable options, the lower the price will subsequently become. 

              2.  Sustainable Shipping 

              When enquiring with companies to work with, consider asking them about their shipping policies. Packaging can often be excessively used by companies, and is detrimental if not recycled correctly. 

              At Midton, we realised we could minimise our environmental footprint with packaging. As a company with a lot of deliveries, we identified an opportunity to reuse all of our packaging. Now, we shred this packaging and use it as packing material.

              Additionally, we encourage our customers to place bulk orders where possible. Not only does this minimise extra processes and unneeded factory time, but it also reduces carbon footprint with multiple unnecessary deliveries. Financially, this is also an additional benefit, as this works out most cost effective in the long run. 

              3. Engage and support eco-minded businesses 

              These days, most companies should outline a sustainability policy. Even the smallest of changes can hold a big impact, and it is important to support and celebrate those making the effort. Where possible, we choose support like minded businesses, who embrace changes to help climate change. 

              Sustainability is a key priority for our team. That’s why we invest our time into carrying out research and development throughout our factory to learn and adapt our processes to be kinder to the planet. 

              Over recent years, here at Midton, we have invested in several channels to improve our environmental footprint. For our factory, we have invested in both a biomass heater and low energy LED lighting, reducing our energy usage by 30%. These are hugely worthwhile investments for any office to consider, and imperative to help our planet. 

              Additionally, outside of the factory, we support tree planting on a national and international scale. For every order placed, and every further £100 spent, we plant a tree – the equivalent of 1% of all sales. 

              All of these changes were neither quick, nor cheap, fixes. However, they are all crucial to help our planet. 

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                24 Jan 2022

                One Tree Planted: Andes

                Andes 2021 - High Andes Polylepis Forest

                Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated January 2022 –

                Following a busy few months within the factory, we have tallied our tree planting and are proud to be donating 8000 trees to projects throughout South America. 

                Accion Andina is a Latin-led initiative, striving to protect and restore high Andean native forest ecosystems, over a 25 year span. Entering its fifth year of conservation, this multi-year, multi-partner initiative aims to restore one million hectares of Polylepis ecosystems throughout the high Andes. Focused throughout Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina, these forests are extremely important, acting as a major source of South Americas’ water system, including the Amazon basin. 

                Focused on watershed restoration and boosting biodiversity, the restoration approach this project follows is to build and support a partnership of local conservation and community on-the-ground leaders. 

                The goal is to secure places to reforest, collect seeds from local native forests and repair or build on-site plant nurseries. This methodology is based on the best available science on the native forest systems targeted. Polylepis species are keystone species within this area of the world. The project features more than 20 years of data and experience, with predicted survival rates of 80-85%. 

                This planting project provides critical ecological benefits. With Polylepis forests found at treeline altitudes in the Andes, they create and feed the headwaters of major sources of water for everything downstream, including Amazon rainforests and wetlands. These are habitat for more than 20 IUCN-listed Species of Conservation Concern, and prevent severe erosion from melting glaciers above them. This is crucial for climate resilience and mitigation. 

                Additionally, these products provide community benefits in several ways – restoring vital natural resources, and helping communities to sustainably manage them going forward. Community-based and owned, these projects contribute to local community economies by creating local micro-businesses focused on growing, planting, and managing sustainably native forests. 

                As always, we are proud to support the initiatives of One Tree Planted. We’re excited to see what projects will benefit from our promise over 2022. Find out more about the organisation at https://onetreeplanted.org.

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                  20 Dec 2021

                  What should I do with my deal toys?

                  What should I do with my deal toys?

                  Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated April 21 –

                  So, you’ve completed a new transaction and received a beautiful deal toy to celebrate, what should you do with it? We’ve put together three ideas to make the most out of your new tombstone. 

                  Display in your office reception

                  Think of your new deal toy as not only recognition, but a strong piece of marketing. Deal toys and financial tombstones act as a portfolio for your business, creating a physical memento of all the work your team has collaborated on. 

                  Invest in an acrylic display case to show off this portfolio. Creating well designed deal toys is crucial for this. Picking a toy that visually represents your deal will catch the eye of visitors and stakeholders and lead to discussion in the office. This helps customers become more engaged with your business and supports future transactions. 

                  Showcase them on your desk 

                  A second choice would be to place your deal toys on your workstation. With homeworking becoming more prevalent, displaying your recognitions on your desk or surroundings acts as both decoration or relevant backgrounds for any video calls you may take. 

                  On a personal level, these recognitions work as motivators for yourself and stakeholders within the deal. This encourages you to work towards your next deal. 

                  Recycle your acrylic deal toys

                  Perhaps you’re moving to a new job, or feel you have some tombstones that are now outdated. Maybe you’ve completed so many deals that your shelves are now overflowing and you’ve run out of space! What do you do now?

                  Here at Midton, we run a recycling service. If your acrylic tombstone has come to the end of its life, send it back to us and we’ll run it through our chipper to be turned into recycled acrylic. This contributes towards sustainable manufacturing and ensures your tombstone does not go to landfill.

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                    15 Dec 2021

                    5 Questions you may have about deal toys

                    5 Questions you may have about deal toys

                    Written by Hollie-Beth McGregor Updated Dec 21 –

                    The world of deal toys and financial tombstones can be confusing, from terminology to presentation. To make this easier to understand, we’ve put together five FAQs to help you understand the industry, and why buying a deal toy with Midton may be the right move for you…

                    When do I buy a deal toy?

                    Financial tombstones and deal toys stem back to the late 1800s, when the printing industry referred to certain advertisements as ‘tombstone advertisements’. This name carried over to the financial industry, when it became a legal requirement to report on the completion of business deals within the newspaper to provide the public with details of the deal. In this advertisement, those involved in the deal would be listed. Hence, the ‘financial tombstone’ was born.

                    Over time, companies began experimenting with financial tombstones. A trend started where they were presented in acrylic and these are the financial tombstones or deal toys as we know them today.

                    Companies purchase tombstones as a unique way to commemorate a business deal, gifting to all key players as a memento of their part within the transaction.

                    Who makes deal toys?

                    When looking for a deal toy manufacturer, it is important to consider what materials you wish to work with. If looking for a standard, off the shelf plaque to act as a commemoration – a quick google search of ‘crystal awards’ will provide many answers. 

                    However, here at Midton, we provide something much more special. Working with a wide range of materials – from acrylic, to metal, to wood – we specialise in small batch, bespoke commissions. This allows your deal toy to stand out from the crowd, and in the brains of your stakeholders.

                    Are all deal toys the same?

                    Absolutely not! Deal toys and financial tombstones are a wide spectrum, dependent on budget, industry, level of recognition and manufacturer. 

                    While many manufacturers offer ‘off-the-shelf’, at Midton we pride ourselves on going above and beyond this. We have an in-house design team equipped to support your project, whether you are starting from scratch, or armed with ideas.

                    Before creating renders for your recognition, we will discuss both budget and branding with you. We strive to create deal toys that stand out from the crowd, that both compliment your branding, and fit comfortably within your budget. Whether a simple, elegant plaque, or 3D replica of your business – we’ve designed it all!

                    How much does a deal toy cost?

                    Much like how deal toys are a wide spectrum of design, the same can be said for budget. But, we don’t believe that a smaller budget should mean compromising on quality. That is why we ask for a budget that is comfortable for your business, and work from there.

                    Can I ship deal toys abroad?

                    Here at Midton, we are proud to have clients from all across the globe. This means that we can also deliver around the world. 

                    Our team understands the importance of hitting delivery deadlines. When you discuss your project with our Sales team, we’ll ask you for key event dates and locations. This means we can factor in delivery time into our manufacturing processes. 

                    Hosting an online event? This is also no problem. Midton offer a split shipping service, meaning we can deliver directly to your recipient’s homes – saving you time and money. 

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