Protective Screen Case Study

2020 has been a strange year. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on everyone, everywhere you go. As the pandemic continues, Midton are proud to produce valuable PPE as we venture into the ‘new normal’…

At Midton, we have developed a range of bespoke products to help with the fight against Covid-19. When Coronavirus hit the UK, like most businesses, Midton headed towards a daunting time. In March 2020, we had to temporarily close our doors. As a business that is proud to support and be part of the local community, we knew we could not just sit back and do nothing. We had the machinery, paired with the talented and skilled workforce to make a valuable contribution. From this, we delved into the creation of face shields to donate to the NHS and local key workers. Although having to furlough our staff, we put out a call to create a volunteer team. Our staff did us proud and soon we had a strong team of 8 in production, all from different roles within the company.

As the Government began to ease lockdown measures, and businesses launched the process of reopening, we started to branch out from face shield protection. At Midton, we now create strong, lightweight protective screens. Protective screens have quickly become a part of our everyday life, moving into the ‘new normal’ Covid-19 has brought. This is an exciting new chapter for us, as we continue to diversify the opportunities that working with acrylic gives us. Much like all our cast acrylic projects, our protective screens are of custom-design, tailored to perfectly blend with your workplace, with a large sizing range available. Alongside our production of these screens, we have collaborated with a Tarbert-based joiner to offer a bespoke fitting service, meaning we see each screen from initial designs to final fixture. As a small, local business we are proud to have produced screens for a wide range of places, from hospitals, to hotels, to shops, even to kennels!

Here at Midton, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. Where able, we aim to create new products from old, in turn reducing our consumption and driving towards a more sustainable future. With this in mind, we have established a scrappage scheme to work alongside the production of protective screens.

Looking towards the future, we hope that these screens will not be a permanent addition to our lives, and that a time will come that they can be disposed of. To avoid acrylic ending up unnecessarily in landfill, we accept any projects produced by us, back into the factory to be recycled. Not only this, but we will also give customers cashback on the material cost of their screens. At times, we are able to refurbish some components of old projects for new ones. Where this is not available, however, we have our back up plan. If unable to recycle ourselves, we will send old projects, along with our off-cut cast acrylic, to an acrylic recycler, who will then disassemble and transform the solid acrylic into small acrylic granules. These granules can then be placed back into the industry, meaning new projects will have a higher recycled content percentage. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, meaning the customer receives money back from their purchase, and also contributes towards the future sustainability of our business.

During these unprecedented days, we are proud to offer our premium custom-made protective screens in collaboration with the local fitting service. These screens have quickly become part of our everyday life and have led to a large influx of business to keep us busy here in the factory! The wide range of options available means that each and every customer is able to safeguard their business, staff, and customers. We have been delighted to see our screens used throughout a wide variety of local businesses and hope to continue supporting the community as the pandemic continues.

Do you fancy purchasing a premium, custom-made screen from a local company? Have you been so busy that your current screen has been damaged and you want a new dazzling one? Get in touch with our Sales Team today on 01546 602 182 or email hello@midton.com to find out more!

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