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Here at midton, we have put a lot of work into developing our unique acrylic recognitions service.

Unlike our engineering-focused acrylic embedment service, our recognitions service focuses on finding clever, relevant design ideas for recognition awards and financial tombstones that help businesses honour their partners, industry bodies celebrate achievers and companies reward there staff.

Through the links below you can find out more about the specific product lines within our recognitions portfolio.



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Acrylic is prized for its optical clarity and tactile quality but its true beauty lies in its adaptibility and the opportunity that presents. Acrylic can be so many things to so many people and that makes it all the more exciting to work with.

We are incredibly proud of the work we create with our clients and love to show them off when we can.  For quick fix inspiration and a wide variety of projects check out our recognitions portfolio. 

For a better understanding of how we can help you with your project have a look at our service page or get in touch with our team, we are always happy to discuss your ideas. 


"midton designed us a beautiful financial tombstone for us using a combination of different materials – wood, plastic and metal ... recommend them to any business looking for something genuinely unique that they can be proud to display in the office or send to clients.”

Arun, OakNorth - London.

Wood and Acrylic - Financial Tombstone

Wood and Acrylic - Financial Tombstone

Wood and Acrylic - Financial Tombstone

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