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mark a milestone, signify an event, honour someone deserving

what are acrylic commemoratives

Commemoratives are exactly what they sound like: from collectable coin encapsulations to plaques, presentation boxes and preservation — they help you commemorate a person, a place, a time, an achievement, or an idea. They are objects and memories frozen in time. They are similar to awards, but they aren’t necessarily related to the idea of winning a prize.

why commemoratives are so valuable

Commemoratives preserve a memory or a moment in time for posterity and recognition of significance. Whether for an individual or a group’s achievement or in remembrance of a sorrowful, sad event which must not be forgotten. When the stakes are so high, we are confident in our ability as a company to design the perfect commemorative for each unique situation. 

how midton approaches designing our commemoratives

Our longstanding expertise in acrylic encapsulation and material handling means we are confident creating one-of-a-kind commemoratives from sensitive objects and artefacts, from oil to coins, from Berlin wall bricks to rivets from ancient ships. Think of our commemoratives as time capsules, holding objects, suspending them in time.

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We have amassed an industry-leading depth of knowledge in encapsulation and commemorative manufacture, you name it we have done it. You might also like to check out our wider range of acrylic recognition services


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