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financial tombstones & deal toys

closed a deal? be remembered by your partners and celebrate with a unique symbol of your effort

what are financial tombstones and deal toys?

A financial tombstone is the office equivalent of a hunting trophy — a physical representation of achievement. Financial Tombstones have their roots in announcing a deal but have grown to mean much more.


Deal toys are very similar, but the term is more often used in the USA. They sometimes have a ‘toy’ aspect to them, but not always.  Check out some of our case studies to see a few examples. 

why invest in financial tombstones

Deals require people, effort, time, determination + collaboration. Once achieved, a deal is immortalised in the form of a financial tombstone to recognise who contributed to this great milestone in everyone’s career. It also acts as a reminder to partner organisations of the great work you did with them in the past, keeping your team top of mind for future deals. Never allow your business to be out of sight and out of mind.

how do we design financial tombstones?

Our in-house design studio work with you to create a unique and meaningful concept design that recognises your brand and your team’s performance in the financial deal.


We then hand craft your design in our purpose build UK workshop under the same roof, to the utmost quality standards. Shipped directly to you or the people being recognised, across the world.

what are the possibilities with acrylic financial tombstones?

Going the distance with your recognition sets you apart. They have a lot in common with acrylic commemoratives and awards as they celebrate an achievement.


Making it a reality is our speciality, and our dedication to accurately and imaginatively representing brands, teams and individuals through our work sets us apart.


Through collaborations with clients, we have consistently challenged the limits of what we thought was possible. If you’d like midton to help design and manufacture financial tombstones for your business, please get in touch. Don’t worry if this is your first time commissioning this kind of acrylic product; we can advise you every step of the way.


financial tombstones & deal toys


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