Acrylic shape & form

Moulded, machined and sculpted form effects

here at midton, we can create complex, multifaceted, organic, flowing forms. These unique objects go on to fulfil some truly unique applications, spread across our range of acrylic embedment, recognitions, and brand tool services.

Acrylic can be far more than a simple cuboid or sheet assembly.

the optical properties of acrylic

The outstanding optical properties of acrylic (PMMA) really come into their own when you artisticly play with the form.

Refraction and Reflection combine to create mesmerising visual effects you can hold or observe from afar.

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Acrylic embedment

Casting objects inside acrylic for prominence and posterity

What is acrylic embedment?

Acrylic embedment or encapsulation is the process of permanently encasing objects inside acrylic. Preservation of a meaningful object (such as a brand memorabilia) is one of the reasons why our clients want to use acrylic embedment. However, the process is also an alternative way to display items — giving a physical object immediate decorative function in a unique and exciting way.

how is acrylic embedment achieved?

Acrylic embedment requires a long history of technical expertise experimentation, and you may also be interested to read about midton’s acrylic workshop if the technical side of things interests you. Each component can be so different and varied in how it will react to the acrylic embedment process. Objects to be embedded are examined and evaluated for suitability. Once approved, the item is placed within the acrylic mix, poured up and then set in the ovens.


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Material effects

Pushing what can be achieved with materials and their combinations

Experimenting with acrylic effects

The various effects we all to our designs here at midton add allure and depth to the material through proprietary processes (many of which we have developed and pioneered ourselves).

In-house experimentation and development is constantly creating new and innovative ways of elevating the experience we create when designing unique acrylic products and experiences. If you’re interested in this, you’ll also be interested in our acrylic shape and form page.

playing with light effects with acrylics

There is so much that we can do with your acrylic designs. At its simplest, we can match the colour to your brand. We can also add gradients to create a light effect, frosting a surface to diffuse light or texturing a facet to add a tactile element.

Material effects can help to add an extra layer of depth, meaning or function to your project.

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Fully fledged and functional prototypes to end-use products

designing acrylic products for the engineering industry

Engineered acrylic objects must meet stringent tolerances and demands in unique circumstances. It’s the unique needs and specificity of our engineering clients that drives many of our biggest technological innovations.

When "just about" or “roughly” isn’t enough, come to us for highly accurate acrylic products and practical, problem-solving advice to help you provide functional acrylic objects for your projects. You might also like to check out our broader acrylics category to see what else we can do for you.

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Technology and Craft

Operating from our purpose built factory

Midton is home to a community of designers, crafters and innovators. Our shared expertise and techniques influence how we design and which processes are combined to create unique objects.

Blending the very latest in 3D print technologies and traditional craft methods we make use of varying print mediums ranging from large format digital,screen printing and more modern direct to substrate UV cured. Our experienced casting team can mix, blend and pantone match different strengths and colours of acrylic material to give a unique look not feasible in many other materials. Post casting machining is often done through a combination of modern CNC machining and also time served processes such as turret mills and circular saws. Every piece we make is hand finished in a 2 stage polishing process and assembled when required. Assemblies can range from a simple bonding of 2 pieces to electronic assemblies of LEDs, IC installations and motors to bring your object to life. Lovingly crafted at every stage.

Acrylics Case Studies

explore how we have helped clients craft their designs into reality.

Ebb and flow
Ebb and flow

light sculpture by Haberdashery: flowing water, captured in time

The Quest
The Quest

by Marshmallow Laser Feast: a permanent exhibit for Hennessy in...