Design studio

Whether starting with a well-developed product design, sketchy ideas for a custom acrylic award, or a simple theme for an acrylic plaque, Midton’s creative team can provide crucial support on the road to production.

Our approach to design is simple: collaborate, conceive, create.

In utilising our creative services you gain access to a unique breadth of talent with a singular insight into our materials and processes. We work with a diverse range of clients daily and develop a vast array of products. Check out our inspiration section or case studies to see some of our favourites.

We are well experienced in discovering the subtle nuances of brands, exploring the artist’s vision and focusing on high tolerance of engineering projects.

Our creative team’s input, and output, has helped Midton, and those we collaborate with, represent the leading edge of bespoke manufacture.

Design at Midton

Design holds a pivotal role at Midton, with our dedicated artwork department thriving over the past two decades. Our creative team remains steadfast in prioritising our clients, their unique requirements, and their creative vision.

We firmly believe that every object we craft should provide an immersive experience, and we take charge of shaping that experience through the principles of excellent design and effective communication.

Our goal is to understand your brief and help you leverage the processes and skills available at midton to deliver a higher value, production ready design. In our collaborations we only take as big a role as is necessary. 

Sometimes that requires fine tuning technical details, prior to production and on other occasions we begin with a budget, a volume and a theme and our role is foundational in development of a concept.

Our Team

We take immense pride in our exceptional team, consisting of individuals who possess a diverse range of skills and talents. With extensive experience in deciphering the intricate details of brands, unraveling the visions of artists, and meticulously tackling engineering projects with high precision and tolerance, our team is well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

Some of the Great Brands we have Worked with

Our creative teams input, and output, has helped Midton, and those we collaborate with, represent the leading edge of bespoke manufacture.

Custom design and bespoke products are what we do best. Team up with our creatives and explore:

  • Graphic styles & Illustration.
  • Unique shapes & forms.
  • Material options & Colour effects.
  • Interactivity & gamification 

It is our mission to lead the field and help you lead yours. We drive the generation of ideas, help you focus your concepts and deliver presentations for you to discuss with your colleagues and clients.

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Our Processes

We develop each concept to ensure maximum impact for your brand.

Once the design brief has been confirmed, we collaborate traditional methods with modern technology.  We collect our reference images and create mood boards around the design brief. 

We make sure no small detail is forgotten about and believe that every detail is subject to development and refinement. 

Using CAD software, we transform our sketches into refined ideas through 3D renders.  

If we have a question, we answer it through sketches and quick tests and implement our learning in new methods and products which excel. 

In time periods a fraction of other industries, without sacrificing our belief in detail and experience.

3D Modelling

We have a relentless drive for innovation and refuse to remain stagnant. Embracing change is an integral part of our ethos.

We thrive on the excitement of discovering new methods and techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of our craft. While we have a rich background in traditional sculpture techniques, we have embraced the digital age and have adopted 3D modeling as a powerful tool in our arsenal.

Through the addition of 3D print technologies and 4th and 5th axis machining, we are now able to realise complex 3D forms.

3D modelling allows you to see a true likeness of your idea start to come to life through the advances of modern technology.  Our skilled team can create a 3D object based on your chosen image files, by scanning objects or create an original design. 

No matter what the project is, award or intricate lighting design, our team will be able to give you an insight into the final product.

Let’s grab a coffee

Let’s chat about your project idea over a (virtual) coffee! Whether it’s awards, an interior design project, or a lighting installation – we’re here to guide you through our process.

Design for Manufacture

We work with you to develop your supplied designs, or create approved concepts, into designs fit for manufacture.

Keeping in with the approved budget, we explore cost and time effective solutions depending on size, quantity and complexity.

We draft technical drawings, type set them and then approve machine files before sending you a prototype to approve prior to manufacture.

We work with any feedback you have to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

We have invested in both the machinery and expertise to meet the challenge of any new engineering client who needs us to design and create bespoke objects and components for them.


At Midton, we understand the importance of impactful presentations that guide you from project initiation to the final masterpiece.

Tailoring our approach to your specific requirements, we meticulously customise presentation files to effectively communicate your vision and showcase the journey from concept to completion.

Through photorealistic renders, exploded views and section analysis, you will have a backstage look into how we created your unique piece.  We can even send you an interactive file to experience your project in an exciting format.

As each piece is custom made to each client, why would our presentations be any different?  If you are interested in the more technical aspects and want to see how we produce your project, let us know.  We will be able to provide you with videos and images of your project throughout the different stages of production.

Careers & Placement

Looking for a placement or a career working with Midton?