As a company that uses acrylic (sustainable plastic) as its main material, we are mindful of everything we do and how we can do it to better our impact on the environment.

We are serious about waste reduction

We are committed to continuing to drive down our landfill waste and reduce our carbon footprint. In recent years, we have invested heavily in new equipment and ways of working to stay true to these commitments. From recycling our acrylic chips, to changing elements of our packaging, here are some of our success stories…

Midton goes bio

Midton’s heat energy is primarily generated through the utilisation of a biomass boiler that was skilfully installed within our premises back in the year 2015. This substantial undertaking demanded an initial investment amounting to a noteworthy sum of £95,000. In order to ensure the sustainability of our operations, the biomass fuel that we employ in our boiler is sourced locally from a commendable organisation known as Our Power, which operates as a Community Interest Company.

Some of the Great Brands we have Worked with

Acrylic recycling – now available

Although acrylic cannot undergo the same recycling process as plastic bottles or cardboard, we take immense pride in presenting a distinctive solution. As part of our commitment to sustainability, any item acquired from Midton can be returned to us upon reaching the end of its useful life. By doing so, we facilitate the reintroduction of acrylic into our manufacturing cycle by employing our cutting-edge chipper machine, enabling us to transform the material into a reusable form once again.

A step towards greener packaging

The ultimate stage in a product’s journey encompasses the crucial period of its dispatch. At Midton, we place paramount importance on this phase, recognising the significance of creating a positive initial impression. Hence, we meticulously undertake the task of individually hand packaging all our merchandise prior to its shipment to our esteemed clients.

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Reducing the cost of lighting

Building upon the triumph of our biomass boiler, we embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of our energy consumption within the factory. Consequently, during the refurbishment of our production facilities, a significant transformation took place. We opted to replace the conventional lighting systems with energy-efficient LED alternatives, thus significantly reducing our energy usage and further aligning our operations with sustainable practices.

Our Sustainable Future

As we forge ahead as a custom manufacturer, our unwavering commitment to sustainability remains steadfast. For Midton, this entails an ongoing pursuit of progress and growth, aiming to enhance our ecological practices. We envision a future characterised by greener operations, responsible sourcing, innovative techniques, and a resolute dedication to reducing our environmental footprint.

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