Remade is Midton’s new circular product that provides a unique and sustainable alternative to virgin acrylic. 

Produced onsite at Midton, Remade represents localised plastic recycling and remanufacturing at its best.

100% PMMA, 100% recyclable and containing 65% Industrial Waste. 

Remade maintains material purity, massively reduces consumption of virgin plastics and provides designers and purchasers an attractive and viable opportunity to make the sustainable choice.

You can find Remade in standardised sheet and block formats in our store. If you’re looking for something more specific, however, we can cast, mould and machine remade acrylic into parts or sculptural forms to your specification. 

We can tint it, dye it, cut it, bend it and use any combination of recycled granulate to build you a distinctive and personal product. 

At Midton we believe the sustainable choice should be the easy choice. Therefore, we ensure our sustainable options are priced lower than their virgin plastic counterparts. Check out our store to purchase Remade products or browse a wider range of unique acrylic materials.

Remade Originals

Our Originals collection offers a wide variety of colours and textures. Subculture is a homage to the bold, Astro takes inspiration from the dark starry skies of Argyll and our botanical line pulls soft pastel tones from the flora and fauna of our home.

The Original Collection is built upon a clear acrylic granulate. Clear transparent acrylic has many great properties and is the most common acrylic used in industry. Due to this success it is also the most abundant type of acrylic waste and the natural selection for the base of our core range. 

Our waste processor can output various sizes of granulate from a fine 4mm grain to a corse 16mm. To produce this distinctive collection the selected size of granulate is mixed with a carefully tinted, opaque, binder of pure PMMA. Delivering an exclusive and environmentally friendly product of depth and character.

Need Some Guidance?

If you have a project you'd like to get started or you're not sure how to proceed, we can help.

Remade LED

A collection of sustainable materials specifically designed for lighting and illumination.

Collaborating with lighting designers and manufacturers has really developed our skill set over the years. Broadening our knowledge and encouraging us to push for evermore sustainable solutions. With that in mind we have created this Remade collection specifically to work with light.

Remade LED is made from the same recycled acrylic granulate as our Originals collection. The secret to this collection is in the acrylic binder. We have developed a special, semi opaque, acrylic formula to bind the granules and form a product that delivers unique light dispersion. 

Available in a range of neutral tones and combined with an organic blend of granules. The Remade LED has an appearance reminiscent of natural stone. Making it the perfect solution for outdoor spaces and gardens where clients have an eye on sustainability.

Terrazzo Style Custom Blends

Midton specialise in custom castings and our Remade product is no different. 

If you like the Originals range or have seen something enticing in our Seasonal Specials but would like to add your own flavour, brilliant. Let's mix it up.

We process and store a vast quantity of waste acrylic in a broad range of colours that we will happily blend to your particular flavour. 

1 cup deep blue chip, 2 cups golden yellow and combine with a pastel green binder? 

Whether you're seeking acrylic that matches your brand colours, Large bright panels that shout loudly from the walls of your shop or a low key table surface to sit subtly in your lounge. Remade has the versatility and scope to satisfy your creativity.

Contact our remade specialist directly to start a custom project. We'll take you on the journey, provide photos, videos and physical samples, then deliver your special material to you within 10 working days. 

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