6a. Financial Tombstones

Financial Tombstones

Capture your success in a financial tombstone

Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones | Recognitions

You've just closed a deal, advised on a merger or delivered an IPO. It's a success story! Celebrate it with the best of deal toys and financial tombstones.

Midton provides the skills and experience to deliver unique tombstone projects to anywhere in the world.

If your getting started with a new project get intouch with our customer team. We are always on hand providing advice and complimentary design services to help you on your way.

Financial tombstones are a unique marketing opportunity

Great deal toys and financial tombstones are more than a memento or token of a past success, it’s a symbolic gesture for you to:

  • Embody the energy of a project.
  • Demonstrate the depth of your insight.
  • Highlight the benefits in your relationship with others.
  • Provide a lasting memory of your brand.

Achieving these outcomes from a tombstone project is as important to us as it is to you.

Tombstones and dealtoys for all tastes

Whether you are looking for dignified, creative or high tec. We specialise in delivering high value products with a combination of innovative design and cutting edge manufacture.

Sensitive to your requirements, budget constraints and environmental policies we are able to apply our broad experience and create solutions that exceed expectation.

We’ve been doing this for while and we pride ourselves in high standards and the value we provide through our comprehensive service.

Express your creativity with custom deal toys and financial tombstones?

Not satisfied with what you’ve seen before? Excellent. Custom design and bespoke products are what we do best. Team up with our creatives and explore:

  • Graphic styles & Illustration.
  • Unique shapes & forms.
  • Material options & Colour effects.
  • Interactivity & gamification

It is our mission to lead the field and help you lead yours. We drive the generation of ideas, help you focus your concepts and deliver presentations for you to discuss with your colleagues and clients.

How we can help

Our Service
Our Service

We offer an unrivalled service from discovery to delivery.

Get Creative
Get Creative

Our in-house design team will work with you on your design process.

Technology & Craft
Technology & Craft

Fully fledged and functional prototypes to end-use products.

Who we are
Who we are

Pushing what can be achieved with materials and their combination

I know what i'm doing

Case Studies

Explore how we have helped clients craft their designs into reality.


When COVID-19 hit the UK in 2020, Midton, like most businesses, faced a challenging time.

Ebb and Flow
Ebb and Flow

Light sculpture by Haberdashery: flowing water, captured in time

Christopher Kane
Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s projects tapped into one of midton’s key areas of expertise....

The Quest
The Quest

By Marshmallow Laser Feast: a permanent exhibit for Hennessy in...

Client Testimonials

Great partnerships - Great projects

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