"We work with you to design and create awards which are anything but off the shelf"

What are custom awards?

Here at Midton, we design a huge range of uniquely designed and crafted custom awards. They are markers of achievement and their design should reflect this. Part of our broader acrylic recognitions range, awards can be at an industry-wide level, or they can be smaller employee awards.

Why invest in customised acrylic awards?

Maintaining the prestige of your brand and ceremony through a luxury industry or workplace award will ensure you are regarded highly and the winner leaves feeling proud and recognised.

You could buy a stock award, but that may dilute the impact of having an awards ceremony in the first place.

Case Studies

Explore how we have helped clients craft their designs into reality.

How do we approach our award design process

Our in-house design studio work with you to create a unique and meaningful concept design that recognises you and your team. We may use some of the more complex acrylic shape and form or custom materials if you need us to make something particularly special. Whatever you need, we always listen to our clients and include their vision into all of our designs.

We then hand craft your award design in our purpose-built UK workshop under the same roof, to the utmost quality standards.

Shipped directly to you or the people being recognised, across the world.

The possibilities of acrylic awards

The boundaries, from a design point of view, simply don’t exist. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries with your award designs. Take a look at our case studies for some examples of our work.

Making it a reality is our specialty, and our dedication to accurately and imaginatively representing brands, teams and individuals through our work sets us apart.

Through collaborations with clients we have consistently challenged the limits of what we thought was possible. Please get in touch if you’d like us to produce the perfect custom awards for your business or industry awards service.

How we can help

Our Service
Our Service

We offer an unrivalled service from discovery to delivery.

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Get Creative

Our in-house design team will work with you on your design process.

Technology & Craft
Technology & Craft

Fully fledged and functional prototypes to end-use products.

Who we are
Who we are

Pushing what can be achieved with materials and their combination

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