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Shape + Form

Creating Advanced Acrylic Forms

Creating beautiful shape and form

While we work with a wide range of materials, it’s our skills in shape and form of acrylic that sets us apart.  Our ability to cast a high grade of acrylic combined with skilled engineered finishes, allows us to create beautiful organic and geometric forms.  

Our highly skilled craftsmen slump, vac, mould, cast, turn and mill material to create these signature pieces for our clients.  We are continually adapting, developing and advancing our techniques to ensure that we produce high quality moulded acrylic to complement and enhance your installation.  

By applying our deep understanding of the acrylic casting process and how the material behaves, we are able to produce both elegant and affordable solutions for both one off pieces, and small to medium batch manufacture. 

Working with Acrylic

Acrylic is the perfect material for custom interior features, lighting installations and engineering projects.  An optically clear and versatile thermoplastic, acrylic can be moulded, shaped and reshaped to create stunning shape and form. These material traits lend acrylic to a wide range of low tech fabrication techniques.  Making acrylic the go to material for bespoke point of sale displays and in-store product displays.  

As a result of its shatter resistance, relative low cost and speed of production, we are seeing an increase in its use for other interior features. Cast acrylic is particularly suitable for small batch production and custom pieces as it doesn’t carry the tooling costs and subsequent requirement for large minimum order quantities. 

Midton has a unique offer when it comes to acrylic casting and material manipulation.  Providing a wide range of colour and embedment options alongside the moulding, engineering and fabrication techniques.

Acrylic Lenses
Acrylic Lenses

Focus or Disperse

Acrylic Light Diffusers
Acrylic Light Diffusers

Soften, Scatter, Defuse

Reflect Light with Acrylic
Reflect Light with Acrylic

Bounce and Reflect

Decorative Centre Pieces
Decorative Centre Pieces

Sculpt, Form

I know what i'm doing

Moulding Acrylics

Creating moulds is one of Midton's most exciting areas in Midton’s production department and is subject to constant R&D.  Today, we use a wide range of methods, materials and technologies to produce sustainable moulding solutions. 

For geometric shapes we favour sheet metal solutions for large volumes and recyclable coated cardboard for small runs.  Through an iterative process, we have developed a range of box nets and sheet templates. Providing structural stability and ensuring minimal processing and wastage post casting.  

Investment in bigger and increasingly advanced technology has opened up a wealth of opportunity for moulded forms at Midton. 

When it comes to complex 3D figurative and organic forms, we traditionally use a specialist vacuum forming process.  Over the years developing detailed, multi-part mould solutions that produce beautiful objects with a near finished surface.  

Now with FDM and SLA print technologies as well as 4th axis milling onsite. There is significant advancement in the use of refined aluminium and 3D printing tooling. Enabling a higher level of dimension accuracy without the requirement for costly post processing.

Acrylic Fabrication

At Midton we use a variety of fabrication methods to deliver sheet based projects. To create beautiful sheet installations it is important to understand the limitations and advantages of different processes. 

If you require flowing forms and sweeping curves the slumping is the process to use. This involves the heating of a full sheet or targeted heating of wide sections. Once hot the sheet is laid over, or pressed into, a mould form and slowly cooled. Depending on the form and level of detail required slumping can be successful in sheets upto 10mm thick.

Strip bending is best when folds and bends at specific angles are required in the design. This process involves heated wires that soften a narrow strip of the material. This process works best with thinner material, 2 - 6 mm, and enables tight bends to be achieved at specific points. 

Prior to forming sheet can be cut to size by saw or for more detail shapes we laser cut our acrylic sheet with our CO2 lasers - this allows for a remarkably fast operation, cutting through various thicknesses but leaving a gloss finished edge.  

Once formed we have a variety of bonding solutions from crystal clear UV curing adhesives and ultra strong acrylic cements to mechanical fixings and mounting features.. Our team can advise on the best solution for your project.

Engineered Forms

When high tolerance finishes or intricate details are required, we have a suite of HAAS CNC mills and lathes on hand.  Our CNC tools operated by machinists specialising in acrylic machining. Cross trained in all areas of acrylic production they are truly masters of their craft.  

Utilising this broad depth of knowledge of this material or team can guide your project through the production using only the most appropriate processes. This often results in partial moulding with an engineered finishing. Reducing material wastage and providing high tolerance parts quickly. 

For small runs it's often more efficient  to fully machine parts rather than invest in mould. The addition of 4 axis tools and simultaneous machining softwares make this a straightforward task. In house we can 3d machine parts upto 950mm x 550mm x 540mm. For larger sized pieces we collaborate with long term partners to cast, engineer and finish blocks. 

If you have an engineering project and would like to discuss production with a technical expert please get in touch. 


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