If you are looking for a partner in bespoke manufacturing to help you transform your vision into a bespoke tangible product then look no further than Midton.

We are leading the way as an Acrylic Foundry

Over the past 40 years, Midton has become a leading authority as an Acrylic Foundry. We design and produce custom acrylic materials, advanced acrylic shape and form, and acrylic fabrication. We have all of the in-house capabilities to produce acrylic in any way you can imagine possible and many ways that you can not.

Some of the Great Brands we have Worked with

Let’s grab a coffee

Let’s chat about your project idea over a (virtual) coffee! Whether it’s awards, an interior design project, or a lighting installation – we’re here to guide you through our process.

Midton bring our sculptural concepts into reality through their high quality acrylic casting and exceptional technicality in design. Their inspiring team bring passion into our projects with care and attention to the creation of each component for our decorative lighting installations.
Alison Smith
Founding Director at ROCK & SOAR, formerly Nulty Bespoke