One Tree Planted: Loreto, Peru

Since launching our tree planting scheme last month, we have seen great success.

So far, we have managed to fund 104 trees for our Scottish grove, and over 1,200 international trees. Having completed the first month of funding we have decided to invest in our first project with One Tree Planted.

The charity works on a project basis, reforesting all over the world. Because of this, we have decided to invest in multiple projects throughout the year. Moving forward, we will encourage each team within the factory to choose a project. First off, we started with the directors!

The project was chosen by our Operations Director, Lewis, and is based in Peru, in Latin America. The project aims to restore degraded land in Lamas, San Martin, and Alto Amazonas, in Loreto, Peru. This will see 300,000 trees being planted during 2021. Lewis saw potential in this project through its focus on people and community. Loreto was also a smaller scale project, which caught his eye.

The trees intended for planting are Hevea Brasiliensis, commonly known as the rubber tree or plant. This flowering plant belongs to the surge family. Milky latex is extracted from this tree, and as the primary source of natural rubber, this tree is the most economically important member of the surge family. These trees can reach up to 140 feet (43m)!

The primary goal of the Loreto project focuses on forest fire restoration which Lewis thought was particularly relevant after the devastating fires of 2020. Ecological benefits are seen through an increased habitat for endemic fauna, increased forest connectivity, improved soil structure, and re-circulation of nutrients and nectar for bees. Community benefits also include production of food (such as honey), by products of beekeeping, economic income, and job training. Overall, this is a hugely exciting project to be part of with One Tree Planted.

We look forward to seeing this project develop over the coming year! Stay tuned for updates of our next project investment, left to the Sales team’s devices.