What should I do with my deal toys?

So, you’ve completed a new transaction and received a beautiful deal toy to celebrate, what should you do with it? We’ve put together three ideas to make the most out of your new tombstone. 

Display in your office reception

Think of your new deal toy as not only recognition, but a strong piece of marketing. Deal toys and financial tombstones act as a portfolio for your business, creating a physical memento of all the work your team has collaborated on. 

Invest in an acrylic display case to show off this portfolio. Creating well designed deal toys is crucial for this. Picking a toy that visually represents your deal will catch the eye of visitors and stakeholders and lead to discussion in the office. This helps customers become more engaged with your business and supports future transactions. 

Showcase them on your desk 

A second choice would be to place your deal toys on your workstation. With homeworking becoming more prevalent, displaying your recognitions on your desk or surroundings acts as both decoration or relevant backgrounds for any video calls you may take. 

On a personal level, these recognitions work as motivators for yourself and stakeholders within the deal. This encourages you to work towards your next deal. 

Recycle your acrylic deal toys

Perhaps you’re moving to a new job, or feel you have some tombstones that are now outdated. Maybe you’ve completed so many deals that your shelves are now overflowing and you’ve run out of space! What do you do now?

Here at Midton, we run a recycling service. If your acrylic tombstone has come to the end of its life, send it back to us and we’ll run it through our chipper to be turned into recycled acrylic. This contributes towards sustainable manufacturing and ensures your tombstone does not go to landfill.