9 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Is Beneficial

Teamwork makes the dream work in every workplace, and celebrating one another’s strengths helps to build healthy relationships between your workforce.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, appreciated employees are the most prominent campaigners for your company’s growth. You want to be sure that you’re correctly showing your gratitude and beyond a verbal ‘thank you’! Employee recognition awards are well worth their cost, and if you haven’t held an awards evening before, it’s about time you got one organised.

Should you remain unconvinced, here are 9 reasons why employee recognition is beneficial for your business.

Employee Productivity Increases

With successful employee recognition rewards, you’ll see a new burst of motivation from your team members. Any celebrated employees are determined to continue their work quality, and their peers will naturally want to achieve the same level of recognition.

Newly inspired employees will be more driven to pursue success for your business, and they’ll approach problem-solving with tenacity and determination. Unappreciated workers aren’t going to go above and beyond without reason, so you want to be sure that you’re celebrating your team enough!

Job Satisfaction Rises

Appreciation is a two-way street when it comes to employment. A praised employee is far more likely to honour you as their employer, and they’ll feel that tasks are cherished rather than brushed over. When it comes to hiring, as your business expands, these employees will be your biggest advocates!

You’ll spend far less time and money advertising your roles with your team members posting on social media and recommending your work to job-seeking family and friends. It’s likely that you’ll also find you need to hire much less often since your team members won’t want to leave your business.

Customers Are Happier

Whether you present mementos to your workforce or give them a quick shout out on social media, customers feel the benefit of employee recognition. Your team members’ public celebration gives all your followers a behind-the-scenes to your relationship with your staff!

Any sales efforts you make are more compelling when you’ve got human faces to your brand. Loyalty to your product or service will increase with a feeling of relationship between your audience and employees. Customers ultimately feel more satisfaction when supporting you because they feel they know you.

Top Performers Stay Loyal

While recognition is beneficial for every employee level, it mainly focuses on your top performers and your high-flyers. Your top performers have proven their value to your business, so it’s down to you to retain their talent! Celebrating their achievements is an excellent first step.

Competing businesses could easily attempt to poach your staff with offers of a higher salary, but loyalty can span deeper than pay if you inspire a mutual feeling of gratitude. When you’re grateful for your staff, they’ll be thankful for you, and that isn’t guaranteed elsewhere!

Innovation Is Encouraged

When you practise spontaneous recognition, your staff will constantly be thinking of new ways to impress you. Rather than waiting for a standard long service award, employees will approach every new day as an opportunity to prove their unique value! You’ll have so many more creative ideas to explore.

Regardless of whether you settle on a cash incentive or a custom acrylic plaque to celebrate the dedication, you’re almost guaranteed to make your award money back with genius marketing ideas from your staff or increased sales after excellent customer service.

Jobs Seem More Secure

When employees aren’t assured that their completed work is of a high standard, there is more room for performance anxiety. Any team member who isn’t confident in the security of their job role is less likely to contribute their ideas for fear they aren’t helpful.

A secure, confident team is a team that is equipped for success since they’ll approach financial problem solving and marketing issues with level heads and no fear of underperformance. Every celebrated worker can rest easy in the knowledge that you trust their ability and their competence.

Appreciation Feels Sincere

Saying thank you to your team upholds basic manners, but words can feel insincere if the action doesn’t support them. Demonstrating specific employee recognition seems more thoughtful than quickly thanking everybody for their dedication before the weekend!

It doesn’t matter whether you plan an entire themed awards evening or you spend a few minutes every week complimenting an employee on social media; any demonstration of appreciation makes your gratitude seem genuine. And no doubt you are appreciative of your workforce! They keep your company afloat.

Recognition Precedes Promotion

If you regularly recognise impressive performance from an employee, you know who to promote first. Actively questioning who is motivated in benefitting the company makes organising your workforce much more straightforward, and choosing managers an easier task.

Your acrylic recognition awards’ shape and form are essential considerations but less so than the sentiment behind them. When you’re regularly rewarding a team member and noticing serious dedication, it may be time to take your appreciation to the level of a pay rise or a promotion to keep them engaged.

Relationship Over Role

Taking time and money to celebrate team achievements demonstrates that you value the relationship and your employees’ development over simply seeing them as job roles. Seeing your workforce as a co-dependent team rather than a bunch of isolated job roles encourages a more social environment.

A friendlier workplace is a more rewarding place to stay, and staff won’t be scared to approach their management with any personal problems that may affect work. Cultivating a trustworthy space promises that your team members won’t leave employment with you because of petty drama, which is ideal for your reputation.

The Conclusion

Employee recognition awards are a reasonably priced, effective way to demonstrate that you value your workforce. A valued workforce will uphold your business’s loyalty, approach challenges with innovation and confidence, and serve customers with plenty of personality.

To get started designing a beautiful, bespoke acrylic recognition award for your employee awards evening, contact us at Midton. We’ll work closely with your business to provide incredible gifts finished by hand and dedicated to showing your team members they’re highly valued.