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Video by Warner Music Ireland (C) https://www.warnermusic.ie  “Midton have been an absolute joy to work with and have managed the whole production process in a seamless manner even taking care of the delivery of the awards to the artists”

We work with The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) to produce unique awards, celebrating success in the Irish music charts. Here at Midton, we pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times, as well as providing a sustainable option to our clients. For example, collaborating with the team at IRMA, we have collectively produced a stunning award that encompasses brand value and sustainable manufacturing


The United Kingdom have had a music chart #1 award for some years now. This provides the chart with huge exposure, especially across social media platforms. However, physical marketing offers unique touch points that are not possible with digital marketing alone. 

Speaking with Mark Crossingham, board member of IRMA and Managing Director of Universal Music Ireland, he explains that this award takes influence from this. These awards are designed to celebrate the industry and boost the exposure of both IRMA and artists. 

Conceptual Design

When creating the concept for the IRMA award, the team knew that to create something worth celebrating, a stand-out design would be needed. Luckily, the Chairman of IRMA, Willie Kavanagh, had contacts with the National College of Art & Design (NCAD), and a competition was initiated with local students to design the new award. 

Students were tasked with both designing and researching manufacturers to deliver a quality product at the right price. From this, the students found our team here at Midton. Following eleven fantastic designs, the entries were judged by the IRMA board and Blathanid Treacy, who presents the Irish Chart run down on RTE’s 2FM.

Following the announcement of the winning students, Kate McKenna and Katie O’Brien, IRMA officially approached us to move forward with production.


The winning treatment was designed to be cast from black acrylic, with two brushed aluminium plates. Both plates represent a number one and a music note, blending the thought process behind the award.

The Sustainable Choice

The manufacturing enquiry arrived at the perfect time for both Midton and IRMA. Having recently developed our new material, Remade, we knew this would be the perfect award to showcase this sustainable option. Composed of 65% industrial waste, and 100% recyclable, Remade offers an eco-conscious option to virgin acrylic, with the same stunning result. The material lends itself to a number of processes, acting the same as virgin acrylic in its ability - making this the obvious choice for awards such as IRMA’s. In a world where we are ever aware of the impact our choices have on the environment, every choice makes a difference. 

Following discussions with the team at IRMA, they were on the same wavelength as us - agreeing that the sustainable choice was the right one. It is always a pleasure to work with clients that share our vision on sustainability! Alongside this, with Midton’s tree planting scheme, this award has already planted hundreds of trees - helping offset our carbon footprint. 

Teaming up with a Local Business 

The award, featuring a brushed aluminium plate, was also the perfect opportunity to team up with another local business. We’re lucky to have Precision Photofabrication Developments (PPD), also based in Lochgilphead, on our doorstep for the likes of metal plates. 

Ensuring the best treatment of the plate required trial and error between Midton and PPD. Initially, the design featured a laser etch on the aluminum. However, we soon found that this technique made the text illegible from a distance, and would not allow the branding of IRMA to be seen in photography. 

To rectify this, we brought printing in-house. Once we received the aluminum plates, the metal was brushed and a traditional screenprint was adopted to ensure all branding was visible.  

The Result  

The end result of the design and manufacturing process has seen great success. The very first award was presented to Irish band, Inhaler, for their incredible #1 album, “It Won’t Always Be Like This”. Following this, the award has been a huge success, with recipients such as Billie Eilish, Dave, and Ed Sheeran. 

When discussing working with our team here, Mark Crossingham says “Midton have been an absolute joy to work with and have managed the whole production process in a seamless manner, even taking care of the delivery of the awards to the artists”.

It’s a pleasure collaborating with IRMA to manufacture their bespoke award! You can find out more about the Irish Recorded Music Association’s mission and its members here: https://www.irma.ie.

“The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) is a non-profit organisation set up by record companies in the Republic of Ireland, to provide members with a convenient means to discuss matters of common interest and to provide a medium to present the Irish record industry in negotiations with Government and other parties.”

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