The Art and Craftsmanship of Personalised Acrylic Plaques: A Comprehensive Guide


Custom plaques hold a special place in our lives. They are not mere decorative items but tokens of appreciation, symbols of achievement, and cherished bespoke mementos that carry profound sentimental value. Whether in corporate settings, academic institutions, sports arenas, or as heartfelt commemorative gifts, custom plaques play a pivotal role in recognising and celebrating exceptional moments. In this guide, we will explore both the significance and the intricate craftsmanship behind custom plaques, providing insights into their design, personalisation, and the meticulous process that transforms raw materials into meaningful works of art.

Silver plaque with gold Jack Bruce text floating in front. Holes drilled in all 4 corners

The Significance of Custom Plaques

Let’s delve into some key areas where custom plaques hold immense significance:

Corporate Awards: In the business world, custom plaques are employed to honour outstanding employees, partners, or clients. These plaques symbolise appreciation, motivate employees, and cultivate a culture of excellence within an organisation.

Academic Achievements: Schools, colleges, and universities use custom plaques to recognize and celebrate exceptional students, teachers, and alumni. Graduation plaques, academic awards, and teacher appreciation plaques stand as enduring testaments to dedication and accomplishment.

Sports and Athletics: Athletes and teams receive custom plaques as cherished mementos of their exceptional performance and sportsmanship. These plaques proudly display the fruits of hard work and dedication on the field or court.

Military and Public Service: Government and military organisations utilise custom plaques to honour individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to the greater good. These awards recognise their sacrifices and commitment.

Personal Gifts: Custom plaques make heartfelt gifts for personal occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and retirements. Engraved with personal messages, dates, and even photographs, they add a unique and personal touch to any celebration.

Designing and Personalising Custom Plaques

To create a custom plaque that truly captures the essence of an occasion, it’s essential to consider various design and personalisation factors:

Material Selection: It is essential to select the right material to achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality. At Midton, we specialise in cast acrylic. This material is ideal for a durable, sleek look.

Size and Shape: Select the right size and shape that align with the message or design you want to engrave.

Design: Our talented team of designers are on hand to aid you in creating your perfect plaque. Provide us with visual elements such as images, logos or illustrations and we can enhance the aesthetics of your plaque, telling a story or highlighting the essence of the achievement or occasion. Provide us with your brand guidelines, or our designers will help choose a clear and legible font. Always proofread the text carefully

Colour and Finish: Carefully consider the colour of your plaque and the finish of the engraving to make it visually appealing and align with the event’s theme. By choosing a cast acrylic plaque, your design is customisable to your colour palette, with the ability to colour match. We might also recommend an additional finishing process to safeguard your plaque if it is placed outdoors.

Mounting and Display: Decide on the mounting option that suits the recipient’s preferences, whether it’s wall-mounted, placed on a stand, or designed for tabletop display.

Behind the Scenes: The Process of Crafting Custom Plaques

You’ve collaborated with our designers, and are thrilled with the design of your custom plaque, what’s next?

Step 1: Conceptualization and Design: Our skilled designers will transform your visual concepts into production drawings – confirming materials, shapes, sizes and colours. 

Step 2: Custom Casting: Your plaque is then in the hands of our artisan Casting team, who will create a custom pigment to cast your bespoke plaque. 

Step 3: Precision Cutting and Shaping: Our skilled machinists use laser cutting and CNC milling machines to ensure accuracy and consistency in shaping the plaque.

Step 4: Surface Preparation: We prepare the plaque’s surface through sanding, polishing, or coating to create an ideal canvas for engraving or printing.

Step 5: Personalisation and Customisation: From DTS Printing to Screen Print, our Print team will print your plaque with precision, ensuring vibrancy and detail. With Midton, printing options are varied and tailored to your project. We have options for both embedded and external print, depending on your specification. 

Step 6: Quality Control: QC then inspect each plaque for imperfections, ensuring it aligns with the client’s vision and meets the highest craftsmanship standards.

Step 7: Final Assembly: Assemble additional components, such as mounting hardware or stands, to complement the overall design and functionality of the plaque.

Step 8: Packaging and Presentation: We handle everything from design to delivery. Our Despatch and Logistics team will pack your awards safely, and despatch across the world.

White acrylic plaque with 4 metal screws with the VaLLabh logo and text printed in black and red


Custom plaques are not just objects; they are expressions of gratitude, achievement, and honour. Their significance in various settings cannot be overstated. Crafting these plaques involves a labour-intensive and highly skilled process, combining creativity, precision, and attention to detail. From the initial design concepts to the final touches of engraving or printing, every step is executed with the utmost care to create unique and meaningful pieces of art. 

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