What Does Branding Include?

Branding is a crucial part of marketing, and it facilitates the relationship between your business and your audience.

At its most basic form, your branding is the message that you send to potential customers and your current clients. Your branding is the promise that your product or service makes to any buyers, and your logo, your slogan and your bespoke products should be representative of that message.

Developing a recognisable brand sets expectations and enables customer understanding by explaining what your business is passionate about straight away. What makes you different? What experience are you offering? What memories and stories accompany who you are? Every element of your business needs to align with your branding, or inconsistency makes your message seem inauthentic.

But what does branding include? How far does it span? Let’s explore that with this guide to branding.

Branding Begins With Purpose

The essence of a brand is the purpose that they’re trying to fill! Whatever need you’re addressing with your business is the very core of your branding. 

For example, at Midton, we offer quick acrylic manufacturing bespoke to any client’s needs. Our brand needs to appear adaptable, functional and friendly to facilitate that purpose! If we didn’t seem approachable and agreeable, clients wouldn’t feel able to discuss their plans with us at length, and if we weren’t adaptable, then a quick turnaround would be impossible. Our purpose informs our personality!

Branding Informs Logo Design

Any physical or visual representation of your business should be influenced by your brand message. If you’re a very corporate company and friendliness isn’t a primary concern, your colour scheme will suit being muted with a minimalistic logo. Straight away, you’re giving the impression that you are professional rather than personable. You can say the opposite if you favour a bright logo and unusual font.

Further down the line, your logo will be featured on any mementos or marketing gifts as a direct insight into your brand. Make sure your design aligns with your purpose and your personality!

Branding Influences Packaging

A deep understanding of your purpose will help you to understand and identify your customer base. Anybody who needs your product or services needs to feel compelled toward your packaging and your advertising. Packaging and advertising are an extension of your logo, a physical representation of your brand message, so make sure you continue to reflect the same colour scheme and level of formality.

Your packaging and your advertising need to instantly reflect and address your purpose, as these are the recognisable, tangible elements of branding.

Branding Dictates Office Design

You guessed it! Office buildings are a further physical representation of your brand and its message. Suppose one of your core values is friendliness. In that case, complimentary amenities and communal entertainment like pool tables showing you’re investing in your employees and their relationships will immensely suit your brand. Of course, you’ll include your colour palette and your logo in office decor where appropriate.

Tasteful decor, all the way down to bespoke acrylic lighting, can illustrate and support your brand message before you even advertise or develop your packaging.

Branding Guides Hiring Decisions

Naturally, you’ll gravitate towards hiring employees that suit your brand personality! If your services are high end, you want team members who are well-spoken and formal to represent your business. When your branding is more dynamic and fun, you’re more likely to choose candidates who are confident, humorous and enthusiastic. Branding influences way more than just your aesthetics.

Your brand values will also help to develop your approach to team-building! How your team interacts together demonstrates how they’d interact with customers, so healthy professional relationships are key.

Branding Affects Physical Marketing

Since your brand purpose helps you understand your customer base better, you can design incredible and impactful physical marketing gifts. You know your customer demographics, so you know whether your audience would better appreciate a sentimental acrylic embedment for display or a branded stationery set. Carefully chosen and beautifully crafted marketing gifts demonstrate how highly you value your audience.

The most intelligent physical marketing pieces are helpful in daily life and incorporate your logo in some form, so your brand is always at the front of your prospects’ minds.

Branding Structures Your Website

Think of your website as your online real estate! Just as your physical office reflects your brand, your website should highlight your brand values too. Remember and reflect on your target customer’s age, and build your website with that in mind. Older customers won’t be able to navigate your website with as much ease, so your menu has to be clearly visible and as simple as possible. Otherwise, your website copy isn’t going to resonate since it isn’t getting read!

Remember to stick to your colour scheme and add your logo onto every page so your branding appears consistent. You want your web pages to seem unmistakably you!

Branding Enforces Your Social Voice

Similarly to a website, your social media platforms act as online advertising for your business while allowing actual conversation with your customers. You stress the importance of teamwork and celebrating one another’s achievements in your business? Then make sure you upload photographs of your recognition awards ceremonies to your Facebook page and your Instagram! Any insight into the lives of your employees gives your company a more apparent personality.

Respond to comments and messages with helpful advice and language that suits your brand. Successful branding is all about conversation and delivering the right message, so don’t miss an opportunity!

Branding Advises Business Relationships

Since branding encompasses your core values as a business, it helps you identify suitable business partners supporting your company message. If environmental sustainability is a crucial concern for your business, and you’re actively investing in becoming more eco-friendly, any suppliers or manufacturers you work alongside shouldn’t contradict that. 

If you’re searching for a talented, considerate acrylic manufacturer to refresh your office with branded merchandise or bespoke acrylic lighting, contact us at Midton.