Why Buy A Resin Sculpture?

Have you considered a resin sculpture for your office? Likely not. But there are plenty of reasons your decor would benefit from a personalised art piece.

Resin is a lightweight material, and it can be adapted to resemble porcelain, stone, bronze and marble! No matter your office colour scheme or theme, you’ll be able to develop a resin sculpture to perfectly suit your space or accentuate your light.

Perhaps you’re still unconvinced. At Midton, we can promise that your office environment sets the tone for any workday and beautiful surroundings are worth the investment. Still, why buy a resin sculpture? What benefits will you see? This article will cover exactly why you need a resin sculpture.

Firstly, What Is Resin?

Resin is a unique compound of chemicals hardened to form a more durable material. Four types of resin are used to create art. Types of resin include epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, silicone and polyester ‘fibreglass’ resin. If you’re planning to create objects using moulds, like sculptures, acrylic resin is the best option.

Why Choose Resin For Your Sculpture?

Resin’s glass-like lustre, strength and plastic-like composition are what make the material both attractive and versatile. It is as suitable for fluid art as it is for impressive, wall-length sculptures. Simply put, any resin material is the chameleon of art supplies and can be applied with various mediums.

What Can Be Made With Resin?

There are endless possibilities for what you can create with acrylic resin, as long as you can develop a mould for it. Rather than creating a product from scratch, you can also preserve items in acrylic. Acrylic castings are a more unusual form of sculpture. They encapsulate everyday items and can take forms other than a basic cube. Still, they’re a minor form of art that can jazz up any desk.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sculpture?

Will A Resin Sculpture Impact Your Customers?

Of course, your customers are your main priority and your top concern at any time. As beautiful as sculptures can be and as exciting as designing artwork for your office may appear, it’s understandable if you don’t believe a sculpture will impact your customers. After all, workplace decorations won’t concern fans of your business that haven’t experienced your office!

A resin sculpture is very likely to impact your customers, and here are a few reasons why:

Get started designing your own acrylic sculpture with our experienced team at Midton. Regardless of your brand colours, company slogan, or height and weight requirements, our team will develop artwork that you’ll be proud to display in your office! We have the expertise to create fully custom materials that’ll suit your every requirement. Contact us to begin your acrylic design journey; you won’t regret it!