Andy Parsons

Machining Technician

As a former client, Andy came to Midton in 2011 after decades of woodworking.

Andy came to Midton looking for part-time employment during the aftermath of the 2008 recession. A full-time operator was required in the saw room and although using a very different material, Andy had many years of using saw and cutting equipment and was thrilled to take on the role of improving saw room efficiency and safety. Covid bought many changes which saw his role change. Tasked with clearing the old yard in preparation for a new purpose built warehouse and working on a new recycling initiative following the purchase of acrylic waste chipping equipment.

Andy has completed forklift training and now operates between the factory saw room, the yard and the warehouse tasked with pre-production work, warehouse logistics, collecting, processing and chipping acrylic waste material as well as some maintenance work around the site.