Michael Allan

Product Designer

Michael joined the Midton team in 2013, having graduated with an Honours Degree in "Digital Art" from UWS.

Initially, Michael started his Midton experience working In the Print and Machine departments.  The practical practices of these departments helped him gain a unique insight into manufacturing and finishing processes that would prove instrumental later on when he was inducted into the Design department.  Over time, Michael’s skillset grew, this included the handling of product photography and the execution of design work using the Adobe creative suite.  In particular, Michael’s proficiency for graphic art related designs, and his pragmatic conceptual approach have made him an invaluable member of the team.

Moreover, his creation of designs for projects within the local area have helped bolster the reputation and relationship between the company and the surrounding community.

In addition, Michael’s active role in the Welfare Committee and his approachable, friendly demeanor, make him a noteworthy collaborator between all departments, ensuring strong communications.