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our workshop

interconnected, collaborative, specialist craft workshops, flexible and creative at any scale.

pre – casting acrylic

the additive processes.


We focus on the creation and preparation of components which will go onto the casting process. We concentrate on printing and creating components to go into the casting lab.

casting acrylic

where the magic happens.


Mixing chemistry with artistic attention to detail, the casting workshop is where parts come together and become solid. Colour, moulding, multi-stage, acrylic embedment and more.

post-casting process

The subtractive processes. We focus on removing material to refine, craft and polish components. Discover which workshops are involved and how they work.

finishing your acrylic designs

where it all comes together. 


We create products from components and ensure they excel before they make their way to you. Discover which workshops are involved and how they work.

lets make it happen

We support you from idea to delivery, lets start the conversation and see where it goes

Start the conversation

our service

We work with you to create objects which are an experience. Discover how we help you from initial conversation, through design, development, delivery and beyond.