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Terrazzo Custom Colour

100% PMMA. 100% recyclable. 65% industrial waste. 

This innovative new material:

  • Maintains material purity
  • Massively reduces consumption of virgin plastics
  • Provides you with an attractive and viable opportunity to make the sustainable choice

Here at Midton, we specialise in custom castings, and our Remade product is no different. Fancy your own custom colour and combination of chips? Brilliant. Let’s mix it up. 

Whether you’re seeking acrylic that matches your brand colours, large bright panels that shout loudly from the walls of your shop, or a low-key table surface to sit subtly in your lounge – Remade has the versatility and scope to satisfy your creativity. 

Request a quote today, letting us know what you’d like, and we’ll get to it! We’ll take you on the journey, providing photos, videos, and physical samples – and then deliver your special material to you, all within 10 days.


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