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Midton is a global cast acrylic embedment specialist

I am looking for recognition awards
I am looking for recognition awards

Congratulate achievement, reward excellence, reinforce partnerships with bespoke designs and craft.

I need bespoke products for branding and marketing
I need bespoke products for branding and marketing

Design and manufacture of objects which promote your brand at any scale, in any setting.

I have a design idea I need manufactured
I have a design idea I need manufactured

Discover how we help you from initial conversation, through design, development, delivery and beyond.

I am working on a bespoke lighting project
I am working on a bespoke lighting project

Learn how our materials and processes can help you deliver unique lighting products and effects.

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We are designers, makers and innovators


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Custom Products and Small Batch Bespoke Manufacture


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If you have a project you'd like to get started or you're not sure how to proceed, we can help.

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Discover how we create stunning bespoke products.

The variety of projects Midton has delivered over the years has pushed us to diversify and advance. 

The company is now home to a host of processes, methods and techniques all housed under one roof. This is a major advantage in our field. Providing control over every aspect of the project from initial design to manufacturing and shipping of goods. 

Print mediums range from traditional screen printing to more modern direct to substrate UV and 3d printing. Allowing us to print on acrylic, wood, glass and metal in sheet format or cylindrical shapes.

Our experienced casting team specialise in embedment but also mix, blend and Pantone match different colours. Creating an unparalleled range and depth of acrylic material to give a unique look not feasible in many other materials. 

Combine custom casting with advanced multi axis CNC machining, an eye for detail and a passion for what we do produces truly bespoke products and experiences.


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Here at Midton, we can create complex, multifaceted, organic, flowing forms. 

These unique objects go on to fulfil some truly unique applications, spread across our range of bespoke acrylic embedment, recognitions, and brand products.

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