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Providing rapid product development of advanced acrylics forms + products. Globally.

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who we are

We are a community of designers, crafters and makers.
Our shared expertise and techniques influence how we
design and make unique products for unique experiences.

how we work


Every Client, every project, every design, every product. Unique.


Making is learning. We constantly refine our methods, designs, and products through practiced curiosity.


If we have a question, we answer it and implement our learning in new methods and products. We constantly push for better and we find the way to get there through sketches, quick tests and in depth analysis.


Two minds are 4x more useful than one. Throw project managers, a design studio and a whole factory together in one campus and you have an infinite level of idea refinement and development at your disposal.


Tight turnarounds are like air around here. We thrive on them. Its a key facet of our business, achieved through a combination of how we work and what we beleive. We aim for the impossible and deliver fully developed products in time periods a fraction of other industries.

we believe

creativity is universal

Midton is a melting pot of people and perspectives which bring new creative angles to ideas. We believe that everyone is creative, which is why we dont do “off the shelf”, we involve our clients in the design process and collaborate in creating unique designs for unique circumstances.

objects are experiences

We believe that every object is an experience which can be had by many people, many times. This is why we design for form follows feeling. We ensure decisions are made on the basis of the experience we want the customer, their friends, colleagues and guests to have.

there are no small details

Details are things we notice, therefore they have no real scale. They are occurances. This is why we believe that all details are worthy of attention and refinement. If it can be experienced, it can be made a positive experience.

keep on moving

We have a history of shapeshifting our business as we develop new techniques and markets. We dont like staying still and we don't plan on starting now. We encourage our team to experiment and iterate on new ideas, methods and technologies so that we can all continue to grow and enjoy our work with new challenges.

we are going

To work together to develop a growing campus
of innovation in product development. Designing, developing and making across multiple domains and in many materials, overlooking the loch.

got an idea?

our team of project managers, designers, engineers and crafts people are here to realise your ideas.

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our workshop

We have a workshop where technology meets craft. The latest precision engineering and chemistry combined perfectly with an artists approach to experimentation and ingenuity in making.