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Trees Planted


Trees Planted


Trees Planted

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International - One Tree Planted

One Order = One Tree + for every £100 = 1 additional tree

To ensure we make the biggest possible impact we are looking at tree planting internationally. We are excited to be teaming up with One Tree Planted on their “One for One” project. 

Working with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa, One Tree Planted has planted 11 million trees since 2014 (correct as of August 2020). In 2019, the charity had projects in 17 different countries. These projects are important not just due to planting trees, but they also aid in the creation of jobs and the building of communities. 

Midton will support One Tree Planted by funding one tree for every order placed. To step it up a notch we will fund an additional tree for every £100 spent.

What does that mean in hard numbers?

If your order is purchased for £1,500 we will plant 1 tree for placing the order and an additional 15 trees for the value of the order. With Midton completing over 1,200 orders per year we could be planting 20,000 trees per year!

How will that money be spent?

Everytime Midton funding reaches 1000 trees we will contact our Account Manager at One Tree Planted and select a project to support. Once funds are transferred, we will post on our blog and notify all clients involved in that funding round about the project they’ve helped support.

To find out more about One Tree Planted, or donate yourself, check out their website

One Tree Planted

National - Trees for Life

Rewilding the Scottish Highlands / Ath-fhiadhachadh na Gàidhealtachd

Whilst international tree planting helps us plant volume, we want to promote and support tree planting at home too. With that in mind, we have partnered with Trees for Life, supporting their goal of reforesting the Scottish Highlands. 

Today, only about 1% of the original Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands is left. Trees for Life was founded to combat this situation.  Their innovative approach to conservation and reforestation has led to 44 established tree planting sites and nearly 2 million trees planted. They seek to ensure the wild forest can grow at a scale that enables rewilding to happen, letting nature take over and look after itself.  

Through Trees for Life we have started our very own Midton Grove. Starting in Oct 2020 we aim to plant a minimum of 250 trees a year in our Grove. To ensure we achieve this target we will fund a new tree everytime we receive an order at, or above the value of £1500.

To keep up with the progress of the grove, find out more about Trees for Life, or donate, check out our dedicated page on their website.

Trees for Life


As enthusiastic as we are, we also want to get our own hands dirty. To that end the Midton team will get involved replanting an area of cleared trees on our own site. This project will replace what was formerly pine woodland with native hardwood trees.

This area was cleared following the development of neighbouring plots where a large area of Midton’s woodland was exposed and a number of tall trees became unstable. As a result, over the past year, several of these trees blown down, posing a safety risk to our staff and facilities and ultimately leading to the clearance.

Whilst unfortunate, this situation has provided us an opportunity to start afresh. Planting the trees properly and creating recreational space for our team.  We will research what species of tree are best for the area, and what will hopefully thrive for many years to come. Hopefully that will include some fruit and nut producing trees that our staff and local community will be able to enjoy.

Follow our progress through our blog.


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