Mark Charlton

Client Engagement Executive

In 2014, Mark relocated to Argyll subsequent to departing a high-pressure financial position in London. Four months later, by November 2014, Mark had assumed the role of customer lead on the Midton team

Mark’s journey at Midton has seen him progress from his position as a customer lead to his current role as our trusted Client Engagement Executive. With an eye for beauty, Mark is usually the first one to receive the strange and fascinating projects that come our way.

Mark’s dedication to his work and passion for the abstract have helped him grow and develop a diverse skill set, enabling him to work on a range of high-profile projects for Midton. His exceptional contribution to these projects has been invaluable and has undoubtedly contributed to his current position as our Client Engagement Executive.

Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious, he cares passionately for the product, he’s authentic and only sees possibility.

Always a joy dealing with Mark …he listens, understands has a great sense of humour and genuinely cares for the ideas I bring to Midton.

David Eustace – International Artist