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Forming relationships with our clients is always important to us here at Midton, whether it be one-off projects or long-term contracts, we remember them all! For us, these relationships come hand-in-hand with growth. We always strive to create the best possible product here at Midton, and this often means adapting our skills to learning new machinery and technology that becomes available to us. Through this, we grow alongside our client, continually striving to offer higher standards of work. Our relationship with Scottish whisky producer, Whyte and MacKay, is a prime example of this…

Who is The Dalmore?
The Dalmore is a luxury whisky brand owned by Whyte & Mackay. The distillery is located north of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. The heritage of the company dates back to 1263, when King Alexander granted Clan Mackenzie the right to use the 12-pointed Royal stag emblem on their coat of arms. Descendants of the Mackenzie clan became owners of the Dalmore distillery in 1867, and the Royal stag still features pride of place on each bottle. Dalmore expresses the importance of the use of the stag, stating that it is “an emblem which encapsulates a rich past whilst also embodying the primes that The Dalmore will remain at the pinnacle of single malt”. The brand’s different casks are enjoyed all over the world, and are somewhat of legend within the whisky world. The luxury experience of The Dalmore is of high importance, with the company producing the world’s first whisky bottle to break the six-figure price barrier with The Dalmore Trinitas. 

What do we do for The Dalmore?
Working with The Dalmore since 2008, we create luxury, lined presentation packaging for private collections and special editions of their world famous whisky. Since this initial project was manufactured for The Dalmore, we have continued to work with the company, developing and refining their boxes for unique collections whilst maintaining the distinctive Dalmore aesthetic.

How did we form our relationship?
The Dalmore reached out to us in 2008 after their Brand Leader had been on a global trip and received a gift composed of acrylic. Upon examining the gift, he experienced the high quality, weighty, prestigious feel that acrylic holds and felt it matched their high standard. A luxury, polished feel, without the flaws found in lacquered boxes. In finding Midton they found a supplier that could deliver high quality materials, small custom batches and short timescales which was just what they needed for their private collections.

The Original Box
Having worked with The Dalmore for many years now, we have constantly refined our work to offer our client the best quality possible. The first boxes we had created followed the oval form of their iconic bell-shaped bottle. The 2008 boxes marked a significant advance in the company’s moulding processes. The size of the casting and scale of the order was foreign territory for us here at Midton. Having previously worked to a smaller scale in the early days of complex moulding, creating hundreds of boxes for the luxury company was an exciting new prospect. 

Midton always strives to reflect a company’s branding and ethos. With such luxury as The Dalmore, we knew our work had to be to an impeccable standard. While The Dalmore were happy with the presentation packaging, here at Midton we always strive to go that extra step and refine our work. We see working with The Dalmore as the perfect opportunity to invest and advance our machinery and tooling. Through the investment of advanced CNC machinery, we have been able to refine and reduce our number of processes involved. Today, we have managed to develop the moulding process down to one, in turn cutting out five processes. Through new machinery and tooling, we have little hand work, apart from polishing. This is a big milestone for us here at Midton, and allows us to fulfil large, perfectly identical orders for companies such as The Dalmore. Investments have also been seen in new metal moulding solutions and super fine polishing materials – all leading to precision and perfection of the final product. The Dalmore’s luxury presentation packaging reflects the brand, representing true excellence. 

In addition to the efficiency and precision of new machinery, refining the processes involved within the presentation packaging has led to a boost in sustainability for us here at Midton. We now use completely reusable moulds, made from recyclable cardboard, which leaves little waste. We are always looking for ways we can improve our sustainability as a company, and will continue to do so as our collaboration with The Dalmore extends.

Working with The Dalmore has always been a pleasure for us here at Midton. Collaborating on such a luxurious product for the esteemed whisky company lets us demonstrate our willingness and drive to experiment with products. The Dalmore has a leading focus on quality, which requires us to continually improve our own standards and processes. Through our technological advances over the years, aided by Dalmore’s loyalty to us here at Midton, we are able to produce bespoke packaging that reflect the brand’s impeccable standards and in-turn build a strong and on-going relationship.

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