Beyond the Booths: The Unexpected Benefits of Design Shows

In a post-pandemic age where we have all become accustomed to the online world, attending live events like design shows can seem quaint or even unnecessary. After the influx of online design platforms, galleries, and tutorials, some may question the value of attending in person. 

However, at Midton, we believe that these events continue to offer irreplaceable and unparalleled experiences to professionals, enthusiasts and those in between. Ahead of flying across the pond to attend BDNY in November, here are 8 reasons why we believe attending a design show should be in your calendar:

Surface Design Show, London (2023)

Real-World Inspiration

There’s something intrinsically different about experiencing design in person. Particularly for Midton, we believe our materials are best experienced in hand, not over a screen. You’ll get to see, touch, and feel design elements, providing a more comprehensive understanding of our work.

Surface Design Show, London (2022).

Networking Opportunities

For rural manufacturers like Midton, design shows are more than just exhibit events; they’re vital networking hubs. Unlike their urban counterparts, rural entities often lack frequent networking chances due to geographical challenges. Design shows present a unique opportunity for Midton to overcome this isolation. These events gather a dense crowd of potential clients, designers, and industry leaders from around the world, making them a hotspot for forging new relationships. The personal, face-to-face interactions at these venues can lead to invaluable insights, genuine partnerships, and potential collaborations. In essence, design shows provide Midton with a platform to bridge its rural gap, gain industry pulse, and amplify its reach beyond its immediate locale. 

Surface Design Show, London (2022).

Stay Updated

The design industry, like many others, evolves rapidly. By attending a design show, you can stay updated with the latest trends, techniques and materials. This is particularly relevant in the exponential desire and need for sustainable design and credentials. As more designers innovate and create, the range of sustainable materials allows visitors to stay at the forefront of design trends.

Surface Design Show, London (2023).

Discover New Products and Technologies

Design shows often serve as launch pads for new products, tools, and technologies. This year, at Boutique Design New York, we will be unveiling an exciting collaboration that has been a year in the making. Attendees of the show will get a first look, and even hands-on experience with these innovations.

Boost Creativity

Immersing oneself in a space dedicated to creativity and innovation can serve as a catalyst for one’s own creative processes. The stimulation derived from observing a plethora of designs can inspire new ideas and perspectives.

Cultural Exchange

Many design shows have a global representation. Attendees get the chance to see designs from different cultures, learn trends and understand diverse design philosophies. This presents a selection of different design avenues, encouraging visitors to expand their horizons. 

Surface Design Show, London (2022).

Support the Community

By attending a design show, you’re supporting the broader design community. Entry fees, presence, social media shares, all contribute to the sustenance and growth of designers.

Personal Growth

Beyond professional and creative benefits, attending a design show can contribute to personal growth. Engaging with different people, rekindling connections, absorbing new concepts, and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to broader horizons and a more enriched personal and professional life.

Boutique Design New York (2022).

In conclusion, while the digital age provides us with an abundance of online resources, the tangible experiences and opportunities available at a design show remain unmatched. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a budding designer, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of design, attending a design show can be a transformative experience.