Euan Ferguson

Technical Lead – Design

Euan joined Midton in 2010 after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design & New Media

Euan has a successful career at Midton, starting as a designer and eventually being promoted to technical lead. His ability to learn from knowledgeable colleagues and gain hands-on experience in manufacturing has likely been a key factor in his career growth.

Euan’s natural problem-solving ability and talent for refining designs to optimize them for manufacturing is a valuable skill-set in the design field. As a technical lead, he is able to use his expertise to guide and mentor his team of designers, ensuring that their work meets the high standards of quality and feasibility required for manufacturing.

Managing the flow of artwork and distributing requests among the team is also an important responsibility for Euan as technical lead. This requires strong organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks and manage timelines.

Overall, Euan’s combination of design talent, manufacturing knowledge, and leadership skills has made him a valuable asset to Midton and a successful professional in his field.