Graham Ramsay


Graham’s journey with Midton began in 2001, having graduated with a Graphic Design degree in Glasgow.

Upon graduating, after gaining invaluable experience in various design houses, Graham found his way to Midton, starting as a Graphic Designer. When first arriving, the design team was in its infancy, acting as a digital print team for other companies designs – working with only a Mac computer and two printers.

Over the years, he has played a significant role in the development of the design team, which has grown substantially under his leadership. His extensive role involves overseeing the flow and distribution of artwork requests, the issuing of orders through the factory, and the preparation and distribution of digital artwork.

Additionally, he is also instrumental in the creation and production of marketing tools, and he is the major figure behind the company’s web presence. Graham’s commitment to clients and his efficiency in working methods have been instrumental in the company’s growth. He is constantly finding ways to improve the company by conducting factory-wide reviews, installing new technology, and introducing new methods to reduce waste and better organise the workplace.

Graham is an exceptionally talented creative Director and has grown into an exceptional Director of the Business. He is an inspiring leader who wants to learn, grow and develop his and others talents.

Karen Moore, Interim Director – Chairperson