Lewis Anderson

Operations Director

Lewis is a highly versatile asset and has been an integral part of Midton's success since joining the team in 2005 as a laser operator.

Lewis’s natural ability for people management quickly became apparent, and he soon became one of the company’s most versatile employees. Over his fifteen-year tenure with the company, Lewis has worked in every department, gaining an extensive knowledge base of the factory’s processes and systems.

With his keen understanding of design for manufacture, Lewis has made significant advances in the company’s product offering. He has a gift for technology, which has helped him develop and continuously improve the company’s custom-built production system. As the Operations Director, he leads the team, organises the workload, and manages communication between departments.

Lewis is dedicated to his role and continues to develop his skills through courses and hobbies in advancing technology fields. His passion for technology and his extensive knowledge of Midton’s processes have helped him take the company to new heights. He has an unwavering commitment to excellence and is always looking for ways to optimise operations, improve efficiencies, and deliver exceptional customer service.