Melissa MacCuaig

Photographer / Videographer

Melissa began work with Midton in December 2021 having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a degree in computer games art and animation.

Melissa MacCuaig is a highly skilled artist with a background in traditional art and a degree in computer games, art and animation from Glasgow Caledonian University. Joining Midton in December 2021, Melissa spent her first couple of months learning from different departments, gaining a deep understanding of the company before settling into her current role as a photographer/videographer. 

Melissa’s day-to-day jobs include photographing our products, producing visually stunning content for the company’s social media accounts and managing the company’s Pinterest page ensuring that it remains vibrant and engaging. She provides support to the design team with her expertise in 3D sculpting and modelling, helping to create detailed 3D prints for clients. Melissa also works closely with our marketing team and is committed to producing high-quality work that showcases the company’s products and services in the best possible light.