Rapid Prototyping

At Midton we understand creating a physical product for the first time that represents you and your brand can feel like a daunting task. It's usually the highlight of the night, be that an awards ceremony or closing dinner and the pressure to impress is on but we have you covered with our unique skill set.

In our 30 year experience we have delivered countless projects. Working with people of all backgrounds including product engineers, artists and marketing CEO’s. Our approach is fluid in nature and we can start the journey from an initial idea, a theme, a hand drawn sketch or full CAD drawings ready for manufacture.

Our experienced team guides you through the creation process at each stage.

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Project Management

We don’t believe in producing anything half hearted.  We are dedicated to executing quality pieces of work for every one of our valued clients.  

Working under one roof, you can be sure the team at midton will achieve every detail precisely, with expert craftsmanship and artistry.  Together with your project lead, we will explore and develop your brief, ensuring that we capture all the details, big and small, to encompass the goals you want to achieve from your project.  

Each incredible project comes with a different value or budget, our knowledgeable project will be able to ensure you stay within budget as the project progresses. 

We believe communication is critical to the success of any project.  Throughout the development of your acrylic form, you can be assured that we will send you regular updates through multidimensional formats. 

Project Development

At midton, we have an incredible team of designers who use their skills and experience to develop your brief and make it materialize into a physical form.   We explore how we can create your vision, whether it be through using our traditional craftsmanship or exploring new and exciting techniques.  

Acrylic has amazing properties and comes in many forms.  With it’s optical clarity, durability and malleability, our designers will choose the right form to compliment your concept.  With our team of experts, you can be sure that we will develop your concept to its maximum potential.  

We take advantage of midton being one campus.  We test, trial, explore and challenge ourselves to see what works and what won’t work during the development stage.  Where we have a question, we get creative and answer it.  Collaborating with our skilled machinists, casting specialists and print experts to achieve outstanding results.  

Knowing when to add a particular layer at a particular time can turn a good piece into an eye-catching masterpiece.  

Our designers and production experts collaborate together to gain the best results.  Our Production Leads peel back each layer of the acrylic form to create a blueprint for the most effective way to craft.  - not needed?


With the latest precision engineering, we combine technology with chemistry with an artistic flare.  Our manufacturing process is unique to your product. Innovators in a rapidly changing industry, we use superior machining techniques to exceed our customer expectations.  

We focus on perfecting the components of your design which will ultimately go onto the casting process. Our artisan colour technician astutely mixes tints and shades to flawlessly match your colour palette.  

Midton has been a master of silkscreen printing for 30 years. Our expert screen printers use their precision to create intricate designs, and print each design by hand, applying each colour as a new layer. 

What sets us apart from our competitors is the grade of acrylic we produce.  Mixing chemistry with artistry, our skilled acrylic casting technicians carefully create each chemical formula. Confidence in their ability to produce an impeccable quality of acrylic, turns multiple components into a solid, tactile piece.    

Bring an extra dimension to your project by introducing laser etching into your design. The high heat component changes the surface of the material, introducing a new element while enhancing the contrast.  

Our precision and speed emulates throughout all our processes. We carefully invested in to ensure we work with the best machining. Our CNC machines allow us to create beautifully carved pieces while adding those finishing touches make your project stand out from the crowd.  

Packing & Delivery

We champion our renowned talent of quality of finish.  Each part of the acrylic piece is meticulously inspected to ensure your product is finished to perfection. We are proud of every project that leaves our factory and so we make sure that our quality control leaves no room for error.  Our acrylic pieces, incorporating your design and concept, create an experience for you and your clients, everytime.  

Sustainability is something we are incredibly passionate about. Over the years, we explored how we could reduce the amount of plastic we used during the packaging process, from the bubble wrap to the parcel tape. We invested in a machine which regular cardboard sheets into outer carton packaging, eliminating bubble wrap. We use recyclable paper tape to seal your project on it’s journey to you. One of the incredible properties of this style of tape is it is stronger so we use less of it, making it go further. 

Leave the logistics to us. Using sustainable packaging, we finalise the delivery logistics, ensuring your project arrives safely and on time.  With a dedicated courier service, you can trust that your project will be delivered through safe hands. 

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