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Bespoke Products for Physical Marketing

Enhance your campaign, Create a unique experience

Here at Midton, We work with you to create bespoke products which promote your brand at any scale, in any setting. The array of materials, skills and technologies on-site ensure Midton can provide the partnership required to develop high-end promotional products.

At Midton we understand creating a physical marketing product can feel like a daunting task. Even more so when developing one that represents you and your brand.  Whether it's the first time or the tenth time. Whether it's point-of-sale pieces or limited release luxury packaging. Our team can support you.

We want to understand the sentiment behind your campaign. Once we do we can help you design and craft a bespoke marketing product that not only matches but empowers your message.

Our approach is fluid in nature. We can start the journey from an initial idea, a theme, a hand-drawn sketch or full CAD drawings ready for manufacture. Our experienced team guides you through the creation process at each stage.

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Case Studies

Bespoke Products

Explore how we have helped clients craft their designs into reality.

The Dalmore
The Dalmore

Working with The Dalmore since 2008, we create luxury, lined presentation packaging.

Manchester United FC
Manchester United FC

Manchester United, to be able to give their fans a piece of history - branded as #thisisyourturf

Selfridges - Christopher Kane
Selfridges - Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s projects tapped into one of midton’s key areas of expertise....

Hennessy - The Quest
Hennessy - The Quest

By Marshmallow Laser Feast: a permanent exhibit for Hennessy in...

Need Some Guidance?

If you have a project you'd like to get started or you're not sure how to proceed, we can help.

Commemorative Marketing Gifts and Brand Memorabilia

Create something special for you followers to own and cherish

Brand memorabilia is a really effective way to connect with your fan base on a personal, tactile level. This is particularly important if you sell an exclusive, or inaccessible product. Brand memorabilia and other marketing gifts are a way for customers to own and cherish something specific to your brand. 

At Midton we are driven by your ideas. We believe in using the most suitable materials to achieve the goals of your project. In the case of memorabilia we think acrylic embedment is the perfect choice. An embedment can transform a piece of your brand or heritage. Creating a desirable, collectible product that fans will celebrate and enjoy. 

We are masters at the art of acrylic encapsulation. Our ability to capture objects in time and float them in space is often described as magical. The results are truly bespoke commemoratives that convey the essence of your brand. If you’d like to learn more about our casting process click here.

In our galleries and case studies you can find a wide range of examples. Commemorative gifts and brand memorabilia created around; first oil, commemorative coins and Turf from Premiership pitches amongst others. 

If you already have an idea please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is on hand to answer any questions. Whether it's creative, technical or you simply want to scope out a budget.

Product Launch and Event Gifting

The way to people’s hearts is through gifts

A successful launch event is a springboard for any great product. If you get your event gifting right you can make a powerful impression. A thoughtful, surprising gift will dramatically impact how your product or event is perceived. Creating brand advocates out of attendees and a far reaching social buzz for weeks beyond.

To help you achieve such success we work with you to design, develop, and deliver unique physical marketing gifts that enhance your experience. We ensure you’re evoking positive emotions and fond memories. 

We believe the secret to worthwhile gifts is planning. Midton are champions of rapid manufacture We love a tight deadline. However, speed can incur the cost and we want you to get the best value. In short, give yourself time to work with our creatives, check material samples and make prototypes.

The time spent in development will help you refine your product. As a result, you will avoid creating meaningless trinkets that appear cheap. Above all, it ensures you produce a gift that inspires people to connect with your brand in the future. 

Once your gift is developed consider adding an element of personalisation or custom packaging to enhance the experience further. We have screen printing and laser etching on site alongside a dye cutter and a range of sustainable stocks for bespoke presentation boxes.

Contact our project team to get started.

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Presentation Packaging and Product Displays

Ensure your clients first touch is unforgettable

We’re fortunate to have built strong partnerships; working with the teams behind many renowned brands. Over time we have been able to help these companies develop their collections. Providing a much wider range of unique and creative promotional tools. 

Presentation packaging and product displays are now a regular feature in our production schedule. As we have become the choice partner of companies seeking engineering skills or custom castings. Who, as a result of finding Midton, gain access to a host of complementary techniques. 

Our in-house design studio and printworks provide you with an array of options. Graphic motifs can be screen printed, digitally UV printed or laser etched.  All of which will enhance the aesthetic inline with your campaign. 

We understand that your customers’ first interaction with your physical brand is critical. The right interaction at the point of sale, or in the unboxing, can make a huge difference to overall sales. 

The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into everyone of our bespoke products ensures this experience exceeds expectations.

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Working with Midton

Project Management
Project Management

Our project management team will work
with you to make your idea a reality.

Creative and Design Service
Creative and Design Service

Our in-house design team will
work with you on your design process.

Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Working with you to deliver rapid prototypes
of your product idea


Beautifully crafted products
from our UK workshop

Client Testimonials

Great partnerships - Great projects

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