Creating Acrylic Sculpture for Haberdashery

who is Haberdashery?

Haberdashery is a London-based design firm that creates enticing and entrancing light experiences with sculptural installations, and products that transform with the interplay of light and form. Their products can be grand spectacles from a distance. Still, they are particularly special when you get up close enough to appreciate the incredible attention to detail on even the smallest, barely visible component.

What did we make with Haberdashery?

Acrylic Sculpture

As a prestigious residential and commercial property developer, the client was looking for a suitably high-end and innovative sculptural light installation for one of their offices.

Stemming from a key research insight, Haberdashery designed the installation to reflect an ancient underground river that ran underneath the site of the client’s offices. The design plays with the fluidity and irregularity of rippling water, creating a calming and beguiling effect. The installation has also been designed to mirror what you would imagine being the water's reflection on the ceiling of that underground river. Working on this project pushed us to develop further our custom materials and our shape and form capabilities. We love it when a new client pushes us to develop new processes and technologies!

How did we achieve this acrylic sculpture?

It is extremely challenging to design and manufacture genre-defining bespoke products, but midton thrives on challenge. This project with Haberdashery was pivotal as it required us to transition from handcrafted mould making to digitally designed and machined moulds. We had not previously attempted on an organic form like water or to such a large scale.

Once these were in place, we had to develop and scale new casting techniques and create new tools from scratch to handle the massive size of some acrylic sculpture lenses.

The project tested the limits of what was thought possible and practical. These challenges gave a sense of accomplishment to the factory workforce and our top engineers. It also blurred the lines between our aesthetic acrylic products (and processes) and the acrylic products we design for engineering purposes.

This project pushed our workers' skill and knowledge to the next level. Their sense of excitement was palpable the first time the new machinery was turned on. The advances made to Midton's processes during this project created a positive vibe and a strong sense of job accomplishment.

What’s next for midton and Haberdashery?

Our attitude towards results-driven experimentation has strengthened our relationship with Haberdashery – a company known for its discerning taste and high standards.

Haberdashery projects have continued to challenge us in new and exciting ways, helping us both to deliver what we didn’t think possible. We hope to continue working on Haberdashery’s vibrant, exciting projects in the future. If you’d like to work with us or to ask us a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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